Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Time 1st Half

   I was so ready for the weekend it wasn't even funny.  I'm not sure if it's because I worked extra or if I was just ready...  Since I work all day Saturday, the weekend doesn't actually start until Saturday afternoon, but I pretend it starts Friday night.

    Friday night I took my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters out for dinner.  I chose Mellow Mushroom because she absolutely HATES to make decisions and I knew she'd like it.  We had an exciting time that night.  I ran out of gas pulling into the parking lot! Oops!  The valet guys pushed my car into a spot.  Luckily for me, my awesome husband brought gas to us and then went to fill it the rest of the way up while we waited for a table and ate.  It was an hour and a half wait, but we had to suffer through it since we had no transportation away!  Najja really liked the place.  It was a really nice time to get to chat with her and hear how high school is.

   Saturday I went to work and Chris went to the lab.  It was a great day at Pure Barre.  My 1:45 class had 25 clients in it!  Which means it was absolutely FULL!  Such a cool thing to teach a packed class.  The energy in the studio is awesome.

   Yesterday was the most gorgeous weather we've ever had!  So after work I took annabelle over to auntie jenna's to play with the neighbor's dog, Snow.  Snow and Annabelle had a big ole time.  Except for Annabelle threw up a pic pile of nastiness.  I thought it was just because she was playing too hard but when we got home she threw up a bunch more.  We gave her medicine my dad had left with us but it made her really loopy and weird.  Needless to say the cute date Chris had asked me on was being canceled so we could stay home with Anna to make sure she was ok.

   But we had an absolutely wonderful evening in spite of everything.  We ordered some pizza and just hung out, which I think we really both needed.  So I'm sorry Anna got sick but thankful it allowed us to slow down.
Annabelle and her friend Snow

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Festival

Every year the seminary puts on a Fall Festival with a fun theme and yummy food.  Chris and I went last year and had a blast.  This Friday was this years Fall Festival so we knew we couldn't miss it.

It was Wild West themed and they had a Western Show with horses and guns and the whole deal!  All our friends from community group were there so we had a blast!!  By the end of the night I felt sick with the overload of sugar I had consumed... But who can pass up free fried oreos?!  It was a great night of good fellowship and yummy food.  Thanks SBTS for hosting such a fun event!

Part of our Community Group!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our life lately

I'm thankful I've had time to blog about all of the big events in our lives lately but I wish I could make time to blog the little fun things.  Chris and I are adjusting to our new schedule- I work 40ish hours a week and am taking my Molecular Biology class and Chris is beginning to realize what the warning of the 2nd year of dental school is all about.  Needless to say, we both feel busy!  

Chris goes to school Monday-Friday with some afternoons home but should study the majority of the time he's not in school.  I work/go to school Monday-Saturday with some off time in there.  

I am LOVING teaching Pure Barre.  The clients seriously are wonderful.  The fact that I get to see around 100 women daily, most of whom I know by name if not personally is such a blessing.  I love that I'm able to hopefully give them a smile or some love that they normally would not have gotten.  
I have 4 scheduled classes a week (one being at 6 am and the another at 7:30 Wed morning), but usually I sub for a few classes a week.  Teaching is definitely one of my new obsessions- I love pushing women to push their limits, to get the best workout they can, and to have fun while doing it.  

My MB class is a butt kicker... It's focused on reading manuscripts recently published on the subject we're studying and the time it takes me to read one of those papers and really understand it is just dumb!  Of course I'm enjoying the topics I'm learning about... It's just so fast and intense and there is SO SO SO much to learn!  I'm asked at least once a day what I'm going to do with this Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and I'm still not sure.  I'm not sure that it matters! I'm doing what I love and I know God is big... This degree could mean everything in getting a certain job or I could never use the degree.

So even though our "down time" has been limited with the crazy schedule and all the trips/visits, we've still made room for little fun things here and there.  

We've spent good time with Jenna and Jared.  I seriously love these two people (Jenna much more than Jared...ha!) Even though Jared loved to get a reaction out of me, he is a perfect friend for Chris- thye have dental school, sports and Sojourn all in common.  And Jenna- she's like a bff match made in heaven! She's started doing PB so I see her much more now in the evenings.  Although I miss our Monday night bonding times we had in the summer, I'm excited to get back to meeting with her and Juli for our accountability.  

Chris and I also were asked to become apprentices for our community group- this means that we're in "training" to, somewhere down the road, lead a community group.  

All of this was such a random spill of what's been going on lately... Pretty fun stuff! 

Here are a final few things:

I've had to get used to getting ready in the dark.  
Chris is geting used to washing PB washcloths more than he'd like.
We are awesome at crock pot recipes
Annabelle is home by her self MUCH more than usual.
Time spent "just hanging" is a rare occurrence.
A new season of Grey's is on Netflicks
Chris is way into the campaigns this year.

And here's a pic of our baby... just because :)
Such a darling!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Football season is here!

We're so pumped that it's football season!  It's a bummer not to be close enough to go to the games regularly though.  I honestly think I'm more bummed then Chris... I was raised going to the games.  It was time when my dad, brothers and I would get to see each other and hang out.   I could see my dads side of the family every few games or so, always make time to visit my sorority house, and catch up with old friends.  But this year, again, we are in Louisville for all of the games so we'll have to make do.  

We did however decide on the holiday rotation between Chris's family and mine based on FSU football: We'll be in PC when FSU v UF is in Tally and we'll be in Auburndale when it's played in the swamp... :)  So as long as we'll see the noles in action 1 game a year, I suppose can't complain!  

For now, we'll muster all of the FSU fans in Louisville and have fun watching on TV and eating lots of yummy tailgating food!

The girls over to watch some football!

Cake balls shaped like footballs! Taylor is amazing!
Everyone hanging on the living room to watch the game

Monday, September 10, 2012


This weekend was Juli and I's 1 year anniversary! We met each other last year at the seminary fall festival.
Love Juli!
We really didn't start to hang out until our community groups merged and Juli, Jenna and I started becoming accountability partners. But since we've started meeting, I felt an instant connection with her!
 Through the engagement, wedding and newly wed seasons, Juli has been my confidant.  She's the one I've asked the hard/awkward questions and she's challenged me to remain accountable to all that the Lord has taught me.   My favorite Juli challenge is when she was meditating on Heb 12:14 "
Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.
  I so love to find the way around rules and with that verse, there's no way around it.  We should make every effort to live at peace with one another- not just as much effort as they deserve or we can muster...  So and praise be to God that she is faithful and in love with our Lord enough to challenge me in these ways and to answer my questions in encouraging and loving ways.

I also love her and Kody's relationship- and Chris and I love hanging out with them.

In a few short days Juli is going to become a mama! I'm so unbelievably excited to meet Liv it's not funny!  But I'm even more excited to watch Kody and Juli morph in to the wonderful parents I know they're going to be.

Happy 1 year Juli!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Josh and Sarah Come to Visit!

Last weekend, Chris's college roommate Josh, and his girlfriend Sarah came up to spend the weekend.  They got in late Friday night, but we had enough time for Sarah and I to chat and Chris and Josh to play video games.  And I pulled out the crystal champagne flutes and we toasted to a fun weekend... Love the wedding presents! 

Saturday I worked all day (Boo :( )  but that afternoon we had some friends over and we all watched to fsu game.  

The whole group!

Josh loves Annabelle!
 The next day we went to Sojourn and then had brunch at Toast! YUM!  I had to teach some PB classes, so I left after that.  That evening we went to 4th Street because Josh was DYING for a wet willy. I had never really been down to 4th street... bummer I know! So I enjoyed being down there, but It was really rainy though so the experience was tainted I'm sure.  From there we walked on this walkway like .5 miles down the road and had some pizza at Impallazeri's.  YUM!  That pizza was awesome!  
Before we left, Jared and McKinley came over so I made them snap our pic!

Love Birds in front of 4th Street Live

My darling and I

Yummy drinks!

Such a cool view!
The next day was labor day so we had school and work off (well I taught a 9:30 class, but still!).  We hung out and played settlers of Catan (I won).  Then I showed Sarah around all the cute shopping areas in Louisville.  We even went exploring some!  It was fun for us to get to spend some one on one time together... I think that's the first time we'd gotten to!  

When we got home that night, we took Josh and Sarah down to the water front to show them how pretty it is.  Then we went to the Bardstown road area and had dinner at O'Sheas.  Jared and Jenna met us there so we had a fun night of eating and drinking and enjoying each others company!
The 4 of us at the end of a fun day!
The next morning their flight left nice and early so we didn't do anything fun then.  It was sad to see them go, but we'll see them in NYC in a few months for another friends wedding!  Thanks Sarah and Josh for coming to visit us!  We love you!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Orlando for Amanda's Wedding Day #2

Friday we woke up and Chris took me to Orlando to meet with Amanda.
Amanda and I got our nails done and then ran lots of last minute wedding errands and got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  
The lovely couple, pastor and coordinator practicing the ceremony

The lovely couple at dnner

Amanda and her bridesmaids

My love!
After dinner I stayed the night with Amanda and we had our last single gals SATC/girly night together.

The next morning we woke up early, headed to the hair salon to get our hair done, then when to MAC to get our makeup done.  For those of you (like me) who didn't know this, listen up! MAC is AWESOME for wedding makeup- they do you make up for free as long as you buy $50 worth of stuff!  Normally to have a makeup artist come to you it's at least $125+ to get your make up done! I was thrilled to get my first MAC products. I got a neutral color eye shadow, face powder and an anti-oily skin moisturizer  and I'm loving all of them!

Then we headed to the church and got dressed and ready for the ceremony! 

2 of Amanda's bridesmaids made her cakes!!

Lizzy getting her hair done

Odille getting her makeup done
The lovely bride getting all pretty!
 After the wedding we headed to a local plantation home for the reception- it was absolutely gorgeous!
The groom, bride, Chris and I

GPhiB sister, her fiance and Chris and I

The bridesmaids :)
 It was such a fun day and it was Amanda's dream wedding I  think! It was such an honor to play a part  in their wedding day and to stand beside her as she married her prince charming!  So happy for Brad and Amanda!  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Orlando for Amanda's Wedding Day 1

We flew into Orlando early Thursday afternoon which was awesome because it was Chris's brother, Eric's Birthday!  So we got to hang out with the family all night
The whole family!  Greyson joined the pic at the last minute

Greyson helping dad blow out candles

Chris and silly Greyson!
It was such a great night because we spent the whole time just hanging and talking and enjoying each other's company.  Mary and Chuck left earlier but Eric, Ginny and Greyson stayed until the wee hours of the morning.  I love being with Chris's family... It makes me sad that we're 14+ hours away....

Chicago Day #3

Our last day in Chicago it was finally Sunny! So we walked down to the Navy Pier, rented bikes and then biked to Millennium Park and to the museums.  

Chris and his coooool helmet :)

That was such a cool sculpture (?)

In front of the bean

In front of some famous fountain
We had such a fun time in Chicago!  It's a huge city with lots more to do then we got the chance to do. I'm glad I had so many friends here in Louisville and back home that I could get recommendations from! We will definitely be going back soon.