Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mom visits!

We decided to begin a new tradition this year: mom will come visit the weekend before thanksgiving!!

We began it this Novemeber and it was convienintly a weekend Chris went to West Virginia to hang with Ryan and Andy for the weekend. 

Mom and I had the best weekend together- we started Friday off with taking pictures for Pure Barre, followed by a yummy meal at Ghyslain.

On Saturday we crafted all day long! It was heavenly! Mom brought a Scan n Cut machine (which is a laser paper cutter) so we planned on crafting with that all day, but she forgot to bring the mat that accompanies it... So we had to go to plan B which involved mom getting me my very first embroidery machine!!!! We spent the day with her showing me how to use it while making baby Colton and Baby Jack Christmas presents! I also made Jenna and Jared a wedding present. We watched Parenthood while we sewed and we laughed and bawled all night long.  

On Sunday, we crafted some more, and then when Chris got home, mom took our picture for our Christmas card. 

After the perfect picture was captured, we went to Sojourn for the evening service and then went to Four Pegs for dinner.

 The next morning she left to fly back to PC.... Saying goodbye is always awful. I absolutely hated watching my mom leave... It always brings up the issue of where Chris and I see ourselves living once he's done with airforce. We'd like to not have to ever say goodbye to either set of parents, but being from two different hometowns that will be impossible. I am thankful to have a mom I love so much that saying goodbye is hard and I'll try to cling to that blessing and not focus on the sadness it brings.