Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Time 1st Half

   I was so ready for the weekend it wasn't even funny.  I'm not sure if it's because I worked extra or if I was just ready...  Since I work all day Saturday, the weekend doesn't actually start until Saturday afternoon, but I pretend it starts Friday night.

    Friday night I took my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters out for dinner.  I chose Mellow Mushroom because she absolutely HATES to make decisions and I knew she'd like it.  We had an exciting time that night.  I ran out of gas pulling into the parking lot! Oops!  The valet guys pushed my car into a spot.  Luckily for me, my awesome husband brought gas to us and then went to fill it the rest of the way up while we waited for a table and ate.  It was an hour and a half wait, but we had to suffer through it since we had no transportation away!  Najja really liked the place.  It was a really nice time to get to chat with her and hear how high school is.

   Saturday I went to work and Chris went to the lab.  It was a great day at Pure Barre.  My 1:45 class had 25 clients in it!  Which means it was absolutely FULL!  Such a cool thing to teach a packed class.  The energy in the studio is awesome.

   Yesterday was the most gorgeous weather we've ever had!  So after work I took annabelle over to auntie jenna's to play with the neighbor's dog, Snow.  Snow and Annabelle had a big ole time.  Except for Annabelle threw up a pic pile of nastiness.  I thought it was just because she was playing too hard but when we got home she threw up a bunch more.  We gave her medicine my dad had left with us but it made her really loopy and weird.  Needless to say the cute date Chris had asked me on was being canceled so we could stay home with Anna to make sure she was ok.

   But we had an absolutely wonderful evening in spite of everything.  We ordered some pizza and just hung out, which I think we really both needed.  So I'm sorry Anna got sick but thankful it allowed us to slow down.
Annabelle and her friend Snow

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