Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our life lately

I'm thankful I've had time to blog about all of the big events in our lives lately but I wish I could make time to blog the little fun things.  Chris and I are adjusting to our new schedule- I work 40ish hours a week and am taking my Molecular Biology class and Chris is beginning to realize what the warning of the 2nd year of dental school is all about.  Needless to say, we both feel busy!  

Chris goes to school Monday-Friday with some afternoons home but should study the majority of the time he's not in school.  I work/go to school Monday-Saturday with some off time in there.  

I am LOVING teaching Pure Barre.  The clients seriously are wonderful.  The fact that I get to see around 100 women daily, most of whom I know by name if not personally is such a blessing.  I love that I'm able to hopefully give them a smile or some love that they normally would not have gotten.  
I have 4 scheduled classes a week (one being at 6 am and the another at 7:30 Wed morning), but usually I sub for a few classes a week.  Teaching is definitely one of my new obsessions- I love pushing women to push their limits, to get the best workout they can, and to have fun while doing it.  

My MB class is a butt kicker... It's focused on reading manuscripts recently published on the subject we're studying and the time it takes me to read one of those papers and really understand it is just dumb!  Of course I'm enjoying the topics I'm learning about... It's just so fast and intense and there is SO SO SO much to learn!  I'm asked at least once a day what I'm going to do with this Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and I'm still not sure.  I'm not sure that it matters! I'm doing what I love and I know God is big... This degree could mean everything in getting a certain job or I could never use the degree.

So even though our "down time" has been limited with the crazy schedule and all the trips/visits, we've still made room for little fun things here and there.  

We've spent good time with Jenna and Jared.  I seriously love these two people (Jenna much more than Jared...ha!) Even though Jared loved to get a reaction out of me, he is a perfect friend for Chris- thye have dental school, sports and Sojourn all in common.  And Jenna- she's like a bff match made in heaven! She's started doing PB so I see her much more now in the evenings.  Although I miss our Monday night bonding times we had in the summer, I'm excited to get back to meeting with her and Juli for our accountability.  

Chris and I also were asked to become apprentices for our community group- this means that we're in "training" to, somewhere down the road, lead a community group.  

All of this was such a random spill of what's been going on lately... Pretty fun stuff! 

Here are a final few things:

I've had to get used to getting ready in the dark.  
Chris is geting used to washing PB washcloths more than he'd like.
We are awesome at crock pot recipes
Annabelle is home by her self MUCH more than usual.
Time spent "just hanging" is a rare occurrence.
A new season of Grey's is on Netflicks
Chris is way into the campaigns this year.

And here's a pic of our baby... just because :)
Such a darling!

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