Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

So we did break my black Friday Virginity today....  Chris wanted a video game from walmart and we were one of the crazies who took on the Black Friday.  He got his game and we made it out unharmed. It was an experience though!

This morning I woke up and helped mom decorate for Christmas! We decorated all morning long and got it ALL done!


Then Chris and I went over and hung out with dad on the dock and my MARGE came over!!!!! 

We hung with dad and then went to moms and then ventured to Target and then to Marge's house.  I loved loved loved getting to spend time talking with my marge.  I just love her!

Thanksgiving Break Day 1

We got into Panama City late Tuesday night and drove straight to the beach house.  We woke up and hung out with mom for a bit and then my K came over and visited for a bit.

We walked down to the beach and took a stroll
Mom and I
My K and Chris and I!
After the beach we went on a target and panera run with mom.  Loved getting to talk with her! 

Then we came back into the in town house and my Carla came to us!
My Tonda!
We baked the yummy chocolate cake I contributed to Thanksgiving and talked and talked.  After Carla came over we went to dinner with dad and the boys and Susan.

Robbie,  Dad and I
After dinner we went out.  It's always like a high school reunion on thanksgiving eve.... For better or for worse! Ha!  But I loved seeing my besties!

Tiny Carl!

The best!
It doesn't get better than these girls!

It was a great day to start Thanksgiving break!


We had a fun and yummy Thanksgiving! We started  the day off by setting the table and finishing the finishing touches of the cooking.

Then Ms. Jill and her girls came over and we began the eating.

After lunch with mom, we went to have thanksgiving with dad and Susan! It was a lovely day filled with good food and loving family!

Finishing Touches
Thanksgiving table!
Before food!
Our first Thanksgiving as a family!
Chris,  Maki and I

Monday, November 5, 2012

Date night

I love it when life itself is so much fun I don't have time to document it, but then I hate the fact that the best times aren't archived... Oh well, we do our best!

Anyways, I was looking through pictures on my phone and found a few from a wonderful date night Chris and I had a few weeks back.  It wasn't an extremely eventful night but I had so much fun with Chris! We went to dinner and I got exactly what I wanted: a bowl of Mac N Cheese and wine.  Then for dessert we got a pizookie!!  It's a cookie cooked in a skillet.  How I've never had one of these I do not know because I'm the queen of desserts but Oh MY gosh it was SO yummy!

I don't remember any other specifics from the night except that I enjoyed every minute of conversation with Chris and have joyful happy memories of it :)

I was in heaven!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ginny and Eric come to Louisville!

I am SO bummed I'm just now getting to blogging about Ginny and Erics visit her.  We had SUCH an awesome time.  Every other time we've hung out it has been in Auburndale for a few hours and usually their adorable son is with us, which is great but I can not explain how neat it was to have them all to ourselves for 4 days!!  We had THE best time together and really enjoyed just getting to hang with each other and relax some.

The first night they came we went to dinner and then came home and chatted.  

Friday I worked and Ginny came to work with me and took her very first Pure Barre Class.  She was SUCH a champ and did SO well!  I was secretly hoping she'd be obsessed so that she'd start a Pure Barre somewhere around Auburndale ;)

Chris took Eric to school with him, so Eric got to learn lots about teeth :)

That afternoon we went to the Saint James Art Fair.  We walked around and looked at all the cool art, ate homemade kettle corn, and drank some beers!  It was neat for us all to see Old Louisville too.  It is gorgeous over there!  
In front of the St James Fountain
The next day we went to parts of the Bourbon Trail.  We went to Heavens Hill and Makers Mark.  I had been told that Makes was gorgeous but we had more fun then we thought!  Makers was gorgeous and the tour was so much fun.  We saw all the different stages of production, and tasted different Bourbons.  I'm not a bourbon lover I discovered.  

At the Makers Mark Tasting
Chris and I @ Makers
Ginny and I in front of the Whisky Creek @ Makers Mark
After we went into a cute local town, Bardstown and had dinner at Mama's Diner.  The restaurant got really good reviews and just had good southern cooking.  We were starving so the burgers and meatloaf we ordered hit the spot.  After dinner we walked around their cute downtown a bit but it was freezing so we drove back to Louisville.  We stopped at Vint to get a caffeine boost.  They were having a poetry reading when we walked in!  So Louisville-ish and I'm glad Eric and Ginny were there to witness it! That night we wanted to go out, but as a whole, staying in and hanging in our PJ's.  

Sunday we went to church and then went to Toast for brunch.  So yummy!  

We had so much fun spending good quality time with them. It's such a bummer that we don't live closer... Eric and Ginny would be such fun people to live life with!  We're so blessed to have family that are very like minded and fun to be with! 

We're counting down the days until Christmas when we see them in Auburndale!