Friday, April 12, 2013

Second Work Trip

Today I woke up in Phoenix, AZ.  It's my second work trip and think I am getting the hang of things.  It's strange to be in really nice hotel rooms alone.  Like where are my girls? Or Chris?!  Or most importantly, where's Annabelle?!  Last night I kept bumping into things while I was unpacking and I kept thinking Annabelle was going to freak out barking... but she didn't.  This week I was offered a full time position at US WorldMeds.  I am so excited to begin working full time.  It has really gotten me to think about my future:  Will I be a successful, powerful career woman? I love the idea of it and I really feel I could.  It would be tricky though- I feel I'd always have to be on my toes looking for the next oppertunity.  Will I work really hard for awhile and then be blessed with babies and choose to stay home with them? Will I work full time and just be stressed and barely hanging on, balancing work, kids and everything?  It's fun to dream.  

Happy Friday!