Monday, March 12, 2012

It's My Wedding Week!

It's my wedding week! I can NOT believe it!!  

The last 2 days have been so much fun and filled with sweet, joyful people.  

Saturday night when I came in we had dinner at my dads house! We grilled out some hamburgers and they were yum!
My cute lil bro's and I ;)

Sunday I had my last bridal shower! Two families so dear to my heart hosted it for me.  They went above and beyond! From the decor to the food, everything was just perfect!!  I was *showered* with love!
I love my K!

The wonderful Hostesses and I by the gorgeous table of food!


MOH and her set up presents display

Some of the cutesies at the shower!
It was such a lovely shower and I loved that it was a week before the wedding because it makes it all so real!

The rest of Sunday, I really just hung out at the beach house with my mom and MOH.  Carla and I painted some, but mostly we hung.  K came over later and stayed the night! I got to meet Mr. Leland and he got to play with my Annabelle and my mom's Iris! Too much fun! 
The 3 of them playing!

Today we woke up and did our final meeting with Christina to go over the checklist and timeline.  Let me tell you, Christina is THE MOST amazing planner ever.  I can not begin to describe what a blessing she's been to the wedding.  She handles every little logistical thing you can imagine.  I'm only responsible for listing my opinions and desires and picking bridesmaids ;)  
Seriously though, anyone getting married, hire a wedding planner!
Then Carla and I went to a Pure Barre Class in Santa Rosa Beach and it was exactly what I needed! Then we came back to the beach house and literally just hung out and worked on a few little wedding things, but we mostly chatted.  Then mom went to pick up Momma Chelle!  I'm so glad she's here!!  

Pretty much everything is done... We didn't have much left on the To-Do List to do for this week.  It's such a blessing for me to have the mental capacity to get excited for the upcoming marriage.  It's all because of the people around me who are above and beyond in their graciousness.  My mom had a "wish list" from me of over 14 things that I wanted her to do/make for the wedding.  She finished it LAST Thursday.  Christina made me get things done last month so paperwork and stuff is way done.  Carla is the best Maid of Honor a girl could ask for.  Seriously.  She is present for everything, helps me with everything, remembers everything and when I'm exhausted and turned off, she can take working in silence! She's the absolute best! Lastly and most importantly, Chris has taken over the money side of it all and has made all the payments and things... I was not good at that and it stressed me completely out.  With that responsibility lifted, I'm a new being!  He's also done every last little thing I've asked him to help me with.  

I am so thankful and blessed to be experiencing such a fun, joyful and rich time in my life! I'm so excited and relaxed, I'm giddy!  I CAN'T WAIT FOR MARCH 17th!

This is my moms dog Iris and she's just so cute I had to include her!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making a Home

Yesterday I got a break from the intensity of wedding "to-dos" and got to spend the afternoon with our "marriage lesson givers" 3 adorable girls.

The big task of the day: To plan a "fancy tea party"!  What could be a better way to spend an afternoon in this hectic season of my life.

They came with me to one of my last wedding dress fittings (Thanks to Pure Barre, I have to have it taken in!) and while I was worried how 3 little girls (ages 3-7) would behave in such a new and quiet place, they were amazing! They sat in awe at a table, looked at Bridal magazines and gave their feed back on the dress.

When we got back, we began preparation for the tea party.  The middle little girl made our to do list and  2 hours later, we were ready to be served.
In the midst of Planning for the tea party

My place setting.  Note that we made our own placemats with pictures from a bridal magazine, and note that my silverware is tied and my name written on it :)  It's all in the details!
The finished product! Ta-Da!
I haven't been exposed much to young couples homes.  I have been in college (where there are no families) and then home with families of children my age or a little younger.  I love being in Beth and Josh's home.  They have done such a good job of making it beautiful, functional and fun for the girls.  Everything has it's place, the girls know where that is, and it makes playing so much fun!

With all of this weddingness, it's nice to be reminded that the wedding is NOT the final destination!

Now on to my HUGE list of to-do's so that my planner doesn't not pull her hair out (and so I guess we have a functional wedding?)