Sunday, September 9, 2012

Josh and Sarah Come to Visit!

Last weekend, Chris's college roommate Josh, and his girlfriend Sarah came up to spend the weekend.  They got in late Friday night, but we had enough time for Sarah and I to chat and Chris and Josh to play video games.  And I pulled out the crystal champagne flutes and we toasted to a fun weekend... Love the wedding presents! 

Saturday I worked all day (Boo :( )  but that afternoon we had some friends over and we all watched to fsu game.  

The whole group!

Josh loves Annabelle!
 The next day we went to Sojourn and then had brunch at Toast! YUM!  I had to teach some PB classes, so I left after that.  That evening we went to 4th Street because Josh was DYING for a wet willy. I had never really been down to 4th street... bummer I know! So I enjoyed being down there, but It was really rainy though so the experience was tainted I'm sure.  From there we walked on this walkway like .5 miles down the road and had some pizza at Impallazeri's.  YUM!  That pizza was awesome!  
Before we left, Jared and McKinley came over so I made them snap our pic!

Love Birds in front of 4th Street Live

My darling and I

Yummy drinks!

Such a cool view!
The next day was labor day so we had school and work off (well I taught a 9:30 class, but still!).  We hung out and played settlers of Catan (I won).  Then I showed Sarah around all the cute shopping areas in Louisville.  We even went exploring some!  It was fun for us to get to spend some one on one time together... I think that's the first time we'd gotten to!  

When we got home that night, we took Josh and Sarah down to the water front to show them how pretty it is.  Then we went to the Bardstown road area and had dinner at O'Sheas.  Jared and Jenna met us there so we had a fun night of eating and drinking and enjoying each others company!
The 4 of us at the end of a fun day!
The next morning their flight left nice and early so we didn't do anything fun then.  It was sad to see them go, but we'll see them in NYC in a few months for another friends wedding!  Thanks Sarah and Josh for coming to visit us!  We love you!!

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