Sunday, November 3, 2013

Highlights of September

My excuse for not blogging in 3 months is literally to many fun things have been happening.   We've been lucky to get home, unpack and wash our clothes in time for the next fun thing,  No complaints here, as the Lord has blessed us with a season of fun and friends!

September started with us at DISNEY WORLD with Chris's awesome family.  We all stayed in the "treehouse" cabin that his parents rented and it was so much fun to be with everyone for a long weekend.  I felt like the bonding time was extra rich and relaxed because we didn't have to worry about plans or who we were going to see next.  We were all there together and it didn't really matter what we did.  We ended up taking advantage of the non-park attractions.  We saw Planes at Downtown Disney, we went bowling at Downtown Disney, we spent the day in these the awesome resort's pool, we ate at yummy restaurants, and the last night, we surprised his parents with renting a boat for the family to go watch the fireworks.  We had snacks and drinks on board.  Cindy and Dave were caught completely off guard and were SO excited! Loved being able to give to them and celebrate their 30+ year marriage.  
Night time swimming is the best! Greyson was showing us how
he can now put his head underwater and blow bubbles!

Momma and her boys after our fireworks cruise!
She did good!

The next weekend was the Seminary Fall Festival.  It is one of our favorite times in Louisville.  All our friends from group and church are there, free food, and fun people watching- what's not to love?!  

Sweet Friends

Also during September, Jenna went to Pure Barre training, so there was some practicing with her.  I'm so SO so excited she's going to be an instructor!

Getting our Warm Up on!
Then the Birthday Festivities started.  Chris started the Birthday week with taking me to Bistro 1860- a cute, newly redone restaurant not a half mile from our home.  It's menu is all tapas type items so we spent the night ordering new foods, drinks, and enjoying each others company.  I am so unbelievably grateful for a husband that I genuinely have the most fun with.  This night left me with such joy.  
Dessert is always the best.
My handsome date and I.
That weekend, mom and Hal came into town!  We had the best time with them trying out restaurants, going to Makers distillery, experiencing Sojourn, and just hanging out.  They overly blessed me on my birthday.  My mom brought up all of the jewelry that I had been given as a little girl, but that she held on to until I was ready to assume responsibility for it, so it was fun to go through different charms my grandparents gave me at different times.  They also got me a new phone (those of you who know me know my old one had been cracked for the entire 2+ years I'd had it..), and new bedding for Chris and I's bed!  Also, Hal made a huge pot of his Brunswick stew for Chris.  Chris and his friends enjoyed that stew for awhile.  
Beautiful Family!
My beautiful annabelle helped sing to me :)
Later that week we also had a friends B-Day celebration... 26 was brought in strong :)
My Louisville Family!
The next weekend, the Millers came!!  Chris's old roomate from FSU, (and probably the reason Chris and I met) Josh and his lovely Bride Sarah came up for the weekend.  We went to a new distillery, 4 Roses, then watched the FSU game.  Sunday we went to Sojourn, then Brunch at Toast.  

Boys will be Boys....
The whole gang at 4 Roses

 September was a whirl-wind, but nothing like October.  We'll see if I can get October posted about before Christmas.  So many fun times that I want to remember!