Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today will be one week of the Lent season and I've been confronted with the reality of my sinful nature.  I am giving up facebook/twitter/instagram and TV/Netflixs in hopes of turning my attention to Christ.  It worked well at the beginning: awkward silence on the elevator at work, I whip out my phone to look at fb and remember it's Lent and I can't, so then I say a prayer for the others in the elevator... this sort of thing. i really was able to quiet myself and ponder verses or prayers I had read that morning.    But yesterday, I remembered the world on online shopping!  Now I can just scroll through Banana Republic or Lululemon online!  I was reminded that Christ is who saves us, we don't save ourselves.  Christ dying on the Cross for my sins is what saves me, not what I give up for Lent.  It reminded me that there is no quick fix for seeking Jesus.  It is a daily humbling of ourselves before his throne admitting we need him and only him.

All the fitness he requires is to feel our need of him
-Come ye sinners hymn

Praise be that Christ will provide the strength, wisdom and humbling required. Praying that the Lord will speak to us this Lent season and that we are still enough to hear and respond.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Chris and I had a random, lovely afternoon together- We both were finished with school by 2:30 and we both have huge tests on Thursday.  Chris's in in Pharmacology and mine is in Cancer Biology.  So we packed our study materials up and headed to a local coffee shop, Vint, to study for the afternoon.  I don't know about him but I got some awesome studying done!  No distractions, but your best friend sitting across the table is the perfect study environment too.

Coffee and cinnamon rolls don't hurt either...

Friday, February 15, 2013


Wednesday morning we woke up early to attend our church's Ash Wednesday service.  I think of lent as a season of darkness- as a time to reflect on the depravity of man- that we needed a savior to save us from our sin.  After the service though, I left excited and hopeful.  I'm looking forward to these 40 days of somber remembrance.  I'm looking forward to reflecting on humility, on human frailty, but 1000x's as much I pray I'd look  and reflect on the cross.  Our pastor said it as practicing for the big Hoo-Rah on Easter Sunday.  May our hearts be prepared to fully rejoice in our Christ raising from the dead finishing our debt!

Here's a link to the devotional my accountability partner Taylor and I are using:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Day!

Saturday morning we woke up to SNOW!  

So we put on the warmest athletic clothes we had, packed Annabelle up, grabbed our sled and headed to the seminary to sled!  The seminary has such perfect hills for sledding down.  Very long and steep but has a incline at the end to slow you down.  

Annabelle freaked out the first few times we went down.  In fact the first time Chris went down I couldn't hold on to her and she chased him down the whole way down the hill.
Right before I let go of her leash!

Here she is at the bottom once she was sure her dad was safe and sound
I went down the hill as often as I possibly could.  It was TOO much fun!! I am obsessed with sledding now!  I wish there was fresh snow every morning!

First time down!
Taylor and I before we went down!
Chris holding his girl!

Taylor and Stuart before going down
Fam pic!
Whole gang!
We had so much fun and sledded until we couldn't walk up the hill one more time.  Afterwards we went to a local bakery and got some yummy, nutritious donuts!


Last night I experienced my first NBA game! We drove to Indianapolis to see the Pacers play the Heat. Jenna and I got Chris and Jared tickets for Christmas.  It was such a fun afternoon and evening.

We went to the Tin Roof right when we got there.  We probably went there because it was the closest warm place we saw!  

After, we walked to a neat local Mexican Restaurant and ate our hearts out.  They had home made guacamole!!  HEAVEN!  

yummy yummy food
After that we waked to the arena for the game!  It was filled with some interesting people... I may have been in some culture shock! Don't get me wrong, everyone was lovely and nice, there were just some crazy looking people there!  Anyways we had a great time cheering on the teams (Jenna and Jared love Lebron so they cheered for the heat and Chris hates Lebron so we cheered for the Pacers).  I loved the dancers and the in between the game.  

Love Jenna & Jared!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Usual

It doesn't get cuter.

Chris and I have had a normal week:

Mine is filled with work, school, Pure Barre, and girl hangouts.  All of which are fun and good.  I taught a PB class to the women I work with on Monday and they LOVED it!  

Chris's is filled with school and studying. He has some big tests coming up and I feel like he is on a study marathon- he'll finish one big test and another will be right around the corner for him to start studying for

Besides that we have been pretty low key!  We're trying to learn how to still see each other and make the few minutes we see each other sometimes, still meaningful.