Sunday, January 29, 2012


So I'm not sure we were properly warned about pre-marital counseling... Or maybe I was so certain our engaged bliss would continue through the wedding that I ignored it?

Anyways, we began premarital counseling 2 weeks ago with Sojourn,  our church here in Louisville.  Sojourn does something so powerful: instead of us meeting with the pastor for the  5 or 6 sessions, we are matched up with a married couple from the church that they have trained up to counsel us.  We meet in their home one night a week for 6-8 weeks.

We were matched with Josh and Beth.  They are 30ish (but look our age), have 3 girls that are post-card-adorable,  a gorgeous homey and inviting house and really are just perfect.  I take that back, they are a family committed to serving Jesus and the beauty of the gospel seems to propel their family.  It has been such a blessing to have them invite us into their home these past 2 weeks.  They are able to put meat and flesh on the scenarios and hypothetical circumstances talked about.  Beth is able to speak to me on what my role as a Godly wife is and Josh is able to speak to Chris about what it's like to be a husband after God's own heart.  And we believe them because of how it seems to have worked for their family.

HOWEVER, no matter how much of a blessing Josh and Beth are, pre-marital is tough.  It's forced Chris and I to see where our assumptions differ, how selfish and sinful we are, the weight of how serious joining ourselves in marriage is and lastly, it's forced us to learn to communicate on a hard level.

I don't care how hard we tried to have deep and meaningful conversations before now, it is almost impossible to do on our own.  But with Beth and Josh asking questions like, "Jenny, what do you think it looks like to submit to Christ" and with subjects like money, roles and responsibilities being brought up, it's impossible for us to not have serious conversations.  Thanks be to God every icky conversation we've had have all ended wonderfully with each of us clinging to Jesus more and more.   I really think that is due to the fact that Chris seeks out Jesus and I think really does fully feel the serious weight of the colossal task he has in leading our family.  I'm not sure I could be with a man that better humbles himself before the Lord to seek direction.  The beauty of Chris is that when I point out things he does that hurts me, he immediately takes it to the Lord and seeks change.  Now this is not boldly apparent.  Instead it's painfully subtle.  Usually I'll be thinking he's upset with me because he's so quiet when in reality he's just seeking counsel from the Lord.

So, we're only on week 2, and tomorrow is week 3.  We have a lot more territory to cover so I am sure we have a lot more icky conversations to have, but my prayer is that through each of them, that I point Chris to Christ and that I cling to Jesus as my Savior and ultimate answer.  I have to remind myself that as beautiful and wonderful as this marriage looks like it's going to be, it's a blink of the eye when compared to the eternity I'll spend with Jesus in the Kingdom....

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend was fun!


Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love Saturdays.

I love it most when I don't have any commitment until after 1pm so that I can be ultra lazy and still cook a yummy Saturday morning breakfast. 

Today I don't have that long for my Saturday Morning bliss.  But I do have 30 uninterrupted minutes of coffee, a smore poptart, blogging and snuggling with my baby Annabelle.

Why isn't every day Saturday?!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

. . : :BaCheLorEtTe Weekend: : . .

Last weekend was the best weekend of my life.  It was my bachelorette weekend!  I can not tell you HOW perfect the entire weekend was!  The girls went above and beyond the ENTIRE weekend to ensure it was the best weekend ever :)  Here are a select few pics of the PERFECT weekend!

Waving goodbye to Port Canaveral!
First night dinner!
My gorgeous and kindest girl in the world MOH
Cheers to the 1st day at sea!
Nassau Bahamas!
The girls who made the weekend happen!

Ship in the background!

Gamma Phi!
Senor Frogs- had THE most fun!
The last night out!

Jenny's Crew!
Coco Kay!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Team Effort!

I'm learning that weddings are SUCH a team effort.  
Today, my "team" stepped up too the plate!
All the DIY's and Pintrest projects I plan on doing for the wedding, I planned on doing this break... More specifically, this week!
My BFF/bridesmaid Katie came in last night from Jax to help get the ball rolling and boy did we get the ball rolling!
We made list after list on what I wanted to do/make and what we needed.  Then we spent the morning shopping: Hobby Lobby, Office Depot & Sams, with a lunch break with mom and RObbie at Chick fil a in the middle :)  Annabelle joined us too!
No we did not plan on being twins!

When we got home we got to the crafts! We painted, crafted, and most importantly, were accompanied by Carrie, Charolette, Miranda and Samantha.  For Jenny and Katie, wedding projects mean SATC.  
Throughout the day we recruited others to help with the festivities! MOH Carla came over for a bit and helped, Mom did some sewing for me, and dad came to the rescue with his wood cutting ability/tools and was able to cut out some things we'd traced on! 

She's the best!

Crafts Galore! 

It was such a fun day!  Thankful to have the love and support I do!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Days of Panama

The last 2 days were wonderful! We continued to hang out on the beach/pool at our condo.

We went Horseback riding on the beach :)
I had the sweetest horse :)

The whole clan and our horses on the Pacific Coast!
We went to Coconut beach.
Coconut Beach

We went to the boarder of Costa Rica and shopped some
New Years Eve Fireworks

New years day we spent the morning at the pool/beach.
Then we packed up and drove into David to catch a flight into Panama City. 

The plane we thought we were going to take :(
 Long story short, the plane had a malfunction, the replacement place they sent didn't fit everyone and so was going to take 2 trips.  We were supposed to be on the second trip but there was bad weather in Panama Cty so they cancelled the flight and rescheduled it for the morning.  But taking that flight, we wouldn't make our flight from Panama City to the US.  SO, we rode a BUS from David to Panama CIty!  It left at midnight and we arrived at 6 am. 
Robbie waiting for the bus 

 Monier met us there and brought us to our hotel room we were supposed to have the whole last night.  We ran up and showered real quick, then headed to the airport.  

R & R clean and showered

We made the rest of our flights successfully and now are waiting on our bags in Destin Airport!  
What an awesome family vacay! I could not have asked for a more perfect last hoorah of bonding with dad and the boys! Here are some last pictures :)

Thanks dad for an unforgettable and wonderful vacay! Love you!

Where I spent 65% of my time!

Pacific Sunset

The broskies and I after they came in from surfing

Love em :)