Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Football season is here!

We're so pumped that it's football season!  It's a bummer not to be close enough to go to the games regularly though.  I honestly think I'm more bummed then Chris... I was raised going to the games.  It was time when my dad, brothers and I would get to see each other and hang out.   I could see my dads side of the family every few games or so, always make time to visit my sorority house, and catch up with old friends.  But this year, again, we are in Louisville for all of the games so we'll have to make do.  

We did however decide on the holiday rotation between Chris's family and mine based on FSU football: We'll be in PC when FSU v UF is in Tally and we'll be in Auburndale when it's played in the swamp... :)  So as long as we'll see the noles in action 1 game a year, I suppose can't complain!  

For now, we'll muster all of the FSU fans in Louisville and have fun watching on TV and eating lots of yummy tailgating food!

The girls over to watch some football!

Cake balls shaped like footballs! Taylor is amazing!
Everyone hanging on the living room to watch the game

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