Thursday, March 7, 2013

Louisville's Please and Thank You

There is so much to blog about: Robbie visiting, lots of fun with friends, dinners at cool restaurant, Big Brothers Big Sisters Little time, Annabelle being cute, lots of work excitement and just fun normal life with Chris.  This post however will not be on anything important.

It'll be on this cute coffee shop I'm "working on my seminar" at right now.  It is wonderful!  Small, high energy, yummy, local, filled with many different people: a group of 3 medical student girls, a tourist older couple, a group of 4 business men planning their next event, a creative looking guy typing away on his mac, 2 arabic men meeting for fun, and many people coming in and out.

Please and Thank You is located in the cute Nu Lu area close to downtown Louisville.  Chris and I drive past it whenever we go to school.  Today I needed an inspiring place to come work on this seminar and to make the most of my time (oops) since Chris's parents are here, CG tonight, busy life, etc.  SO, I am thrilled that I found this gem of a coffee shop.  Thanks Louisville!

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