Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chris is gone for a week

And it's horrible.  Chris and 5 of his Dental School buddies left for a week long trip to Jamaica for a dental mission trip.  

I had no idea how much better Chris made my life until this week when he was gone.    I had my graduate Seminar this Wednesday.  
"Translational Control of Neuroligin Expression asa Mechanism for Hyperconnectivity of Neural Circuits Associated with Autism"
And I just really had a gloomy few days getting ready for this seminar without Chris.  Annabelle did her best to be my #1 buddy and make up for Chris's absence.  

She really was a trooper and stayed by my side the whole time.  

Every night she slept right by me... as close to me as she could get.  So thankful for this angel.  

So Wednesday I had my seminar and then Thursday I left for Colorado for another Pure Barre Training.  And in the middle of that I had real work and taught PB classes. What a CRAZY few days.  But anyways Friday Michelle and I spent the day at PB Corporate.  I had such a fun time with her.  

Then last night (or really early this morning) I made it home.  Annabelle was taken care of by her Auntie Jenna and our good friend Katie.  She was pumped when I got home.  Needless to say this morning I've enjoyed a nice slow morning.

Hopefully life is going to calm down for a second so Chris and I can catch our breath :)

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