Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today will be one week of the Lent season and I've been confronted with the reality of my sinful nature.  I am giving up facebook/twitter/instagram and TV/Netflixs in hopes of turning my attention to Christ.  It worked well at the beginning: awkward silence on the elevator at work, I whip out my phone to look at fb and remember it's Lent and I can't, so then I say a prayer for the others in the elevator... this sort of thing. i really was able to quiet myself and ponder verses or prayers I had read that morning.    But yesterday, I remembered the world on online shopping!  Now I can just scroll through Banana Republic or Lululemon online!  I was reminded that Christ is who saves us, we don't save ourselves.  Christ dying on the Cross for my sins is what saves me, not what I give up for Lent.  It reminded me that there is no quick fix for seeking Jesus.  It is a daily humbling of ourselves before his throne admitting we need him and only him.

All the fitness he requires is to feel our need of him
-Come ye sinners hymn

Praise be that Christ will provide the strength, wisdom and humbling required. Praying that the Lord will speak to us this Lent season and that we are still enough to hear and respond.

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