Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Day!

Saturday morning we woke up to SNOW!  

So we put on the warmest athletic clothes we had, packed Annabelle up, grabbed our sled and headed to the seminary to sled!  The seminary has such perfect hills for sledding down.  Very long and steep but has a incline at the end to slow you down.  

Annabelle freaked out the first few times we went down.  In fact the first time Chris went down I couldn't hold on to her and she chased him down the whole way down the hill.
Right before I let go of her leash!

Here she is at the bottom once she was sure her dad was safe and sound
I went down the hill as often as I possibly could.  It was TOO much fun!! I am obsessed with sledding now!  I wish there was fresh snow every morning!

First time down!
Taylor and I before we went down!
Chris holding his girl!

Taylor and Stuart before going down
Fam pic!
Whole gang!
We had so much fun and sledded until we couldn't walk up the hill one more time.  Afterwards we went to a local bakery and got some yummy, nutritious donuts!

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