Sunday, February 3, 2013


Last night I experienced my first NBA game! We drove to Indianapolis to see the Pacers play the Heat. Jenna and I got Chris and Jared tickets for Christmas.  It was such a fun afternoon and evening.

We went to the Tin Roof right when we got there.  We probably went there because it was the closest warm place we saw!  

After, we walked to a neat local Mexican Restaurant and ate our hearts out.  They had home made guacamole!!  HEAVEN!  

yummy yummy food
After that we waked to the arena for the game!  It was filled with some interesting people... I may have been in some culture shock! Don't get me wrong, everyone was lovely and nice, there were just some crazy looking people there!  Anyways we had a great time cheering on the teams (Jenna and Jared love Lebron so they cheered for the heat and Chris hates Lebron so we cheered for the Pacers).  I loved the dancers and the in between the game.  

Love Jenna & Jared!

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