Sunday, January 13, 2013


The past two weekends have been such a blast!  

Last weekend:
Friday night we went to the Silver Dollar with 2 Couples from Chris's Class.  Both of which live in our complex.  Becca and Jake actually live across the hall from us!  It was long over due that we all go to dinner.  Silver Dollar was AWESOME.  It's a new restauraunt that has opened up next to us.  It's a very comfortable swanky, southern atmosphere but set in an old barn and with old big colored Christmas lights hung around the place.  The food was southern and a bit of Mexican.  Chris had Chicken and waffles and I had an opened faced blackbean/cheese/pico de gillo sandwich. YUM!  I loved getting to know Becca and Katie.  

Saturday I taught PB in the morning and then went to get coffee with a friend Jamie.  I love meeting friends one on one for coffee.  The Lord blessed our time together so much I feel. 

That night we went to dinner with another couple friend, Paul and Miranda.  I met miranda at Pure Barre and she and Paul are fellow surgeons here for a fellowship.  Miranda and I clicked immediately and all 4 of us together really had a great night.  We had no idea where we wanted to go for dinner but we got in the car and started driving. Bistro 1860 had just opened up about 1/2 mile from our condo.  We could NOT have asked for a better place to spend the evening.  There was a long wait for a table but they offered for us to go upstairs to a lounge and it was great.  Comfy couches, chic but warm atmosphere and just a great all around vibe.  There menu has the option for small medium and large portions so we made it a tapas kind of night.  It was YUM! Lobster hush puppies, es cargo, pork tacos, yummy salads.. it was all dish-licking good! The drinks were perfect and last but not least, dessert was heavenly.  We had homemade eclairs, chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies, chocolate mouse and a few others.  We had a great night with them!

Sunday I worked the nursery and then we came home and did NOTHING all afternoon/evening! Perfection!

This weekend:

Friday night we went on a date night! We went to Olive Garden (their commercials got us and we were craving it!) and then went to see Les Miserables.  It was a great night for the 2 of us.  I love spending time with Chris! 

Saturday I taught 2 Pure Barre classes.  We had a blast! The 9:35 class had our National Ambassador, Lauren come visit and the 11:15 class had 27 clients! LOVE the energy in those classes!  

After Pure Barre, I went to Taylors to celebrate her birthday!  Juli and Liv were over too.  Good friends, champagne, home made chocolate cake and comfy cow ice cream make for a perfect afternoon.

After Taylors, we came home and I made some YUMMY cookies and cream brownies (which I didn't take a pic of but should have) and went to my new bosses house to watch the Packers game.  It was my first time hanging out with work people outside of work and it was seriously the best.  Kristen's little sister graduated from UofL dental school last year so she had some friends over too that chris loved talking with.  The whole night was so much fun and it verified how much I love Kristen.  She's a B*A in the office but is such a fun, chill and happy person!

This morning I worked nursery at church. Love loving on some 18 month olds!  Now it's rainy and getting cold so I'm enjoying some R&R.

Happy Sunday!

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