Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Class

Today was my first day of the class, Cancer Biology.  It is my last class for my masters and as of now, my last class I'll take forever.

Anyways, it was an awesome lecture.  The director of the Brown Cancer Center, Dr. Miller, gave the lecture.  It was an overview of cancer: causes, history of the research, treatments and the future of treatments.  The things the cancer center are doing is just awesome. They have a streamlined process for researchers that have a specific therapy target.  It includes a computer system with computers in high schools in KY screening millions of different agents to find matches for the specific target program.  Not only are they able to find the agent, but the schools that house the computers attract students to the science field.  These high schools are in the rural Western Ky.   Another cool thing the Cancer center is involved in is finding a cheaper HPV vaccine for third world countries.  As it is now, most families in India, sub-Saharan Africa and Central America can not afford this vaccine.  And they are basing the research out of Owensborough,  another rural KY community.  

In the past ten years, since Watson and Crick discovered DNA's structure was the double helix, the cure for cancer has much more quickly come in reach and hearing Dr. Miller talk about all of the fabulous work being done by all the brilliant minds at work was inspiring.  

Thankful to be allowed the education I have and to hear lectures like this.

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