Friday, January 18, 2013

Pure Barre

When I began my new job at USWorld Meds and left working the desk at Pure Barre, I was afraid that the "family" I had created at Pure Barre wouldn't be there.  But it SO hasn't.  I'm teaching 4-5 times a week and taking 3-4 times a week and the family atmosphere has stayed.  Wednesday after I taught the 7:15 class, a few of my favs and I went to grab a drink at a local restaurant. I had so much fun watching everyone getting to know each other.  I love all of these women and am so glad that they all loved each other.  Each of us are from pretty different walks of life: teacher, surgeon, students, moms of 5 (ya one of these girls has birthed and is mother to 5 kids!), and much more.  Thankful these women are in my life and thankful for all the fun and love they bring into my life.

Love them!
I taught Tracy's first class and Wednesday I taught her 100th class! So neat.

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