Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I heart weekends

The boys side of the table and the girls side of the table @ Doc Crows

I don't intend to have a weekend only blog.  Monday-Thursdays are filled with lots of fun too.  But weekends are SO much fun!

This weekend did not disappoint-  Friday started with an awesome day at work- I was made project manager for a small study we're doing and we had a conference call with key players in the study.  I get a rush from group study planning!  Then we were taken to lunch to discuss "business" ;)  The afternoon flew by with another group meeting to discuss another study.  When we finished the last meeting I looked and the time and could not believe it was past 5 and WAY past time to go home!  I'm only part time now so I have to stay under a certain amount of hours.  

I raced home and freshened up to go with Miranda to a Bourbon 101 class.  It was extremely informational and neat.  I know more about bourbon then I dreamed possible! After our class we met up with Deedee/Josh and Jenna/Jared at our favorite, Doc Crows.  We had a fun night and hung out there for awhile.

Saturday I was at PB all morning- took 8:30 and then taught 2 classes after that.  Then Jenna, Miranda, Amanda and I went on a nice walk to Cherokee Park! It was such a beautiful day to be out so I was so happy we went.

Sunday we churched it and then I did house chores... 

Moral of the story we are living in a joyful and fruitful season of life right now.  My prayer is that I would still seek and praise Christ for what he did on the cross, not just his abundant blessings right now.  I do however feel that sensing true joy in Christ through his blessings, is pleasing... Joyful I am!

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