Saturday, October 13, 2012


My 25th birthday could NOT have been any better!  My and family from all over made sure it was a absolutely perfect day! It started with mom and Hal coming into town the day before my birthday.  We went to see Romeo and Juliet and then went for a late dinner at Doc Crows.  When the clock turned from 11:59 to 12:00 we made a toast to turning 25!

Mom and I at dinner!
Mom and Hal

On my actual birthday I woke up to lots of cards, flowers and hugs!  

We went to brunch at toast

Then walked around Market St.

Then WENT TO SEE WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 In front of the theater before it bega

It was even better then I had ever remembered and I was on could nine the complete 2.5 hours! Best Birthday present ever!  

After Wicked we came home to what I thought was to watch the game and hang, 

but Chris and Jenna had other plans! They had planned a SURPRISE PARTY!!!!!

So we spent the rest of the night eating and drinking and watching FSU beat Clemson! 

Jenna made ALL of these cake balls! YUM!

Sweetest present EVER! The twins had onsies on that said "Jenny is my Bestie" and "Jenny is my Girlfriend"! SO CUTE!

Birthday cake from PIE KITCHEN!

Taylors HOMEMADE triple chocolate cake... YUM!

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