Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chicago- Coldplay

Last weekend Chris and I got to go to Chicago! We went initially for a Coldplay concert  but we stayed an extra night so we could explore Chicago.  It was my first trip to the windy city and I'd say it was a success!

We drove to Chicago and arrived mid afternoon.  We walked around Michigan Ave, had drinks and appetizers at Purple Pig and then made our way to the concert. 

 It was in the arena the Bulls play in and I know every seat was sold out.  When you came in they gave you these wrist bands that lit up at specific points during the show.  It was awesome! The entire show was absolutely amazing.  The lights, laser lights, music, it was all pure entertainment! Our seats could not have been better! They were right in front of the stage but where the stadium seating began so it wasn't all on one level.  
The view from our seats

When the band came out on the "runway" in the center of the stage they were so close!

Chris and I enjoying the experience

They came out in the audience and were one section from us!

Such a good view!

Chris and I with the band behind us!
Chris had bought these tickets last December so I'm so glad the show and night was absolutely amazing!  He made a coldplay fan out of me!  It's so neat that Chris and I have such different interests because it means both of us get to do twice as many fun things! 

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