Monday, August 20, 2012

Chicago- Lincoln Park and Late Night!

Our second day in Chicago we woke up late, ate some Einstein's Bagels and then made our way to Lincoln Park.  We walked around for a bit and then went to the free zoo!  It was a great zoo... I don't know what Chris and I were expecting but it was absolutely awesome!  I think one of the highlights of the whole trip was when Chris and I hung out by the monkeys and watch them interact.  It was a mom, dad and baby monkey and the baby was hyper! He entertained us for awhile! I think visiting a zoo like that when I have little ones will be so wonderful... They'll probably be able to go numerous times before getting bored of it!  

In front of the antelopes

At one of the entrances
After the park we walked around a cool residential neighborhood that was by Lincoln park.  I love walking with Chris!  We went to a Lululemon store, but sadly and surprisingly there wasn't anything I couldn't live without.  After a good walk around cool neighborhoods, we went to Stanley's to get lunch.  One of my favorite clients from Pure Barre, Ryann told us to go there and I'm so glad we did!  We had mac and cheese for a starter and it was the best stuff I'd ever had! YUM!
My yummy BLT with eggs and sweet potato chips!

In front!
Then we went back to the hotel and walked down to the waterfront Navy pier but it was too rainy to get on the Ferris Wheel. We hung out inside while it continued to pour!
My creative pic for the post 

Chris and I on the pier! 
Then we walked back to our room and then to Michigan Ave for a little shopping. We got some stuff for our new condo and enjoyed going to stores we normally don't go in to!

Experiencing the meaning of the name Windy City!
Then we went back to our room to get ready for our dinner at rpm.  I called to make reservations and the earliest they had was 10 pm!  But that was fine because honestly I wasn't hungry until then.  A sorority sister of mine had been to Chicago the week before we went and she recommended the place. I'm so glad we went because it was such a fun experience! It's like a club and nice restaurant mixed.  We had a wonderful time wining and dining!
Leaving the hotel

Love him!

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