Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pure Barre Training Day #1

Yesterday I flew out to Denver for a Pure Barre training. Me and 5 other girls are coming out to learn how to be an instructor for Pure Barre. The 3 owners are also all here with us so we're just having a good old time!
Annie, one of the owners has scheduled all of our dinners and she has seriously done THE best job at picking neat, local and yummy restaurants. Last night we went to this cool earthy type restaurant called root down. We had such a good time talking and laughing and sharing yummy food.
This morning we woke up bright and early for training! We got the the studio an hour early and I'm so glad we did because we got fun PB stuff before any was sold out.
At 9 am our training began. We took a class for the first hour, then had some introductions and then began the learning process. Let's just say there is so much to learn to say its insane. I have so much respect for all PB teachers! We took turns teaching each other and by the end of doing everyone's instructing, I was spent! I'm so not sure how I'll be able to move tomorrow.... I felt like I was very prepared though. Emilee, an instructor at Louisville PB had told me to bring notecards and that was a life saver! I really think teaching with note cards was such an easier task then brining a big notebook up.
Anyways, after training we went to dinner at this fun ceviche type restaurant. The best part of te night was when we got Karen and Lucy telling us the story of how PB Louisville came to be. Omgosh they are hysterical! Ah! Then we went out front Nd took some group pictures and owner pictures. Annie was hilarious because she couldn't get the Karen/Lucy head tilt! We were all belly laughing at them! It was an amazing night and I am just so thankful that I get to do this!
I really continue to fall more in live with PB and Karen, Lucy and Annie the more I get to know them!
Day #1 
The whole group after dinner
Studying our notes!


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  2. so i came across your post when i was googling pure barre carrers. my local studio is hiring for studio coordinator and it sounds like a step in a new but fun direction. you sound like you really love working at pure barre and i love barre workouts and fitness. if you had any insight about the studio coordinator position and could share that would be so helpful, thanks for listening :)

  3. Hi-
    I came across your blog when researching becoming a pure barre instructor. I have an interview with my local studio and it turns out it will be combined with the audition. I have never taught a class or choreographed a fitness class. I am super nervous. I thought I would get used to it as I went. Do you have any tips?

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