Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catch Up!

So this month has been absolutely crazy! I kept putting off blogging about it because I wanted to do each event justice. But since I'm a month behind I'm simply going to play catch up. I'll try to post 1 pic and 1 sentence about each thing we've done since I last blogged...

Continuous events are that Chris is out of school for a month (!) and I'm OBSESSED with working at Pure Barre!  Ah I love it...

On to the last month's events:

First, all of the girls in our cg (minus Taylor) got together for ice cream at comfy cow!  It was such a blessing to catch up with these women and hear how their lives are going.
All the girls and I!

Later that week I also presented my research rotation.  That was a huge relief because once it was done, I was free from school until Aug!
My classmate Adjoa and I after presenting
That weekend my mom and Hal came into town for 4ish days (we had to beg them to stay the 4th day..).  Although we worked and stuff while they were here we still had fun! We went out to eat, went to Hotel 21c's art gallery, church, etc.  The highlight I thought was lunch at the Brown Hotel! YU-UUMMM!  It was some seriously yummy food!  Hal was determined to have a Hot Brown from the Brown hotel... Thankful for his stubbornness! 
The four of us in front of the Art Gallery!
While mom and Hal were here, Ivan and Amanda had a group of us over to their pool for hangingout/cookingout! The twins came and were in the pool for their first time! We had a wonderful afternoon and it was awesome for mom to get to meet everyone!

That week we also went to see the band Fun.  It was FUN, let me tell you!! Our awesome CG got us tickets for a wedding present :)  

The next weekend we went home for my bff, Meg's wedding!  It was the most perfect weekend ever.  I got some good bonding with Margaret and that was so nice.  All of the wedding events were perfect! I was so happy for her to be marrying the love of her life! We love you Cam!

Besties at the bridesmaids luncheon.  Love these girls!  We've been bff's since 9th grade!  

Rehearsal dinner- all of the bridesmaids with the bride!

The night before the big day... Our last slumber party with Meg as a single gal

Wedding reception! Chris and I with the Bride and Groom!
After that awesome weekend it kind of stunk to come home to move into our new place, but that's what we did!  We packed ourselves up and Jared and Chris moved it all into our new gorgeous Condo!
Chris's parents came up to help us unpacked and stayed for a little over a week! We had a few breaks from unpacking to do some fun stuff
Dinner at Doc Crows!

Blueberry picking!

Before seeing Billy Elliot
Once the left we finished setting up and returning things, etc.  It's exhausting!  But the condo is looking good!
We went to our first horse race!

For 4th of July we went over to Stuart and Taylors to Grill/hang out.  Then we went to see the fire works!

It's been a WONDERFUL month!!  Hopefully from now on we won't do monthly check-ins :)

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