Friday, June 8, 2012

Double Date Downtown!

This past weekend we had a fun double date with the Gibsons!  We had planned on an O'Sheas on Bardstown dinner then Settler's of Catan fun game night.  BUT we found a Living Social for the O'Sheas downtown AND NBA basketball began and their team, the Thunder, were playing an "important" game that night.  SO, we went downtown for dinner, walked around, then came back to our apt to watch the game!
I loveeee them!
Love my Hubby
The Double Daters
Gorgeous Buildings
Beautiful Downtown
Kody was Annabelle's BFF
Juli has been such a blessing for me as a newly married gal.  She and Kody have been married for 4 years and so there's so much wisdom and comfort I get from sharing with her.  Chris and I have had an absolutely wonderful first 3 months but there are still small bumps and times when things aren't perfect and it's so comforting to talk with Juli and for her to assure me we're normal.  

Good friends are a blessing.  The Lord calls us to live in community and not to isolate ourselves.  I can see how in marriage issues it'd be easy for us to isolate ourselves and think we're the only ones who have awkward moments but when we live in community and share our bumps with our christian friends, we're reminded it's normal.  Usually it's because one of us is being selfish or that we're seeking love and fulfillment in Chris and not in Christ....

SO thankful for Juli and Kody and their wisdom and fun in marriage things!!

Also, Juli is pregnant with a baby girl!!! I am so unbelievably excited for her... Lots of girlie fun projects to happen this summer!  

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