Friday, May 25, 2012

First Full Summer Week!

Chris and I have been looking forward to this week for so long!  It was the first week in which we thought we'd have time to just hang out and relax some.

However, this week ended up being crazy (but in ALL fun fun fun ways)!

First off, I began my first full week working at Pure Barre!  Oh my gosh I absolutely love it! Basically I spend time with the most wonderful fun and interesting women in Louisville, I work out, I clean and I manage the retail! SO MUCH FUN!  

AND I found out this week that I will be trained June 9th to be a Pure Barre instructor! AH! I'm so so so excited.  They're flying me out to *Denver* to be trained too! I can't wait.

Monday night after work, I took Riley, the oldest Pace (Our marry lessons couple) girl on our "date".  The previous week I had been on a date with Ella the middle one.  We had so much fun! First we went to Lula's yogurt where you put your own toppings on.  Then we went to the mall to look around.  Next we had dinner at Chick-fil-a where we got the neatest toy ever: a field guide to identifing trees! It was a book and each page was in the shape of a leaf and told about the kind of tree the leaf came from.  We had such a fun afternoon/night!
All of our leaf findings

Monday night Jenna and I began our new tradition of watching the bachelorette! Ah I love it!

Tuesday night we went on a double date with Jenna and Jared! They seriously are wonderful and Chris and I are so blessed to have each made good friends in Louisville who are dating! It's perfect!

Wednesday WE GOT OUR WEDDING PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!  So I spent most of the afternoon drooling over them.  Besides that it wasn't much fun because I worked on a presentation on my lab rotation for my department all night after work... No fun!  It was neat to see how much research I've done and to put it all together!

Picture taken with my phone of an on screen shot 

Thursday after work  I got my hair done! WHa WHOO!! I love love love my hair dresser, Sarah at blades salon.  SHe's absolutely the most fun person to talk to!   After my hair, Chris and I went to our Community Group Cook out!   It was so nice getting to just hang outside and eat and catch up with everyone.

Lauren, Jenna, Taylor and I!

Today I went into the lab and gave a practice go at my presentation... It went ok.  Lots more work to do.  Then, I went with Chris to pick up all 3 Pace girls!  As a thank you for their counseling, Chris and I treated them to a night out!  The girls and I went to the pool, made pizzas, watched a movie, went back to the pool, made cupcakes and now they have passed out hard and I'm just hanging out til Beth and Josh get home!  

It's been a good week... We're so very blessed

Ready to have an afternoon of FUN!
Action Shot!

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