Monday, May 14, 2012

Panama City #1

Wednesday morning we got up bright and early to say goodbye to Chris's parents. Then we were sneaky and went to run errands to finish his moms mothers day gift :) We left it at his dads work so she wouldn't know we'd left one! I love happy surprises and couldn't wait til mothers day to hear that she got it!

Anyways, we got on the road and then stopped in tally to have lunch with our friends still there. I dropped Chris off with his boys then went over to littles house! I absolutely love her and love getting to talk and hang with her in person. Phone relationships are fun but being with people is so much better.

Anyways after tally we got to pc just in time to make it to a friend of ours, Catherine's, 18th birthday dinner! My whole family went and we had a good time!!
Birthday Girl and I

We went home to my moms and opened all of our presents from the wedding! My sweet marge came over to help. Oh my gosh we are so blessed!! We got so much more stuff than I even imagined! The whole living room was taken over! Ah I can't wait to take it all to Louisville!

Love Chris's Face here

The next morning we woke up bright and early and took the boat to shell island and spent the day there! It was a picture perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, Susan packed the yummiest food, and we all enjoyed relaxing and chatting. Chris also climbed the jetties for his first time with me! I really live climbing those rocks... After we climbed the rocks we really spent the rest of the day napping and talking with dad, Susan and Ross.
Chris enjoying some lunch

Wonderful Family


When we got done with the boat we packed all of our wedding presents that we had doubles of or needed to return and headed to the beach house. There, mom, Hal and his brother Judy were waiting for us! They made us an amazing dinner of homemade onion rings and steaks. Yummmmmm! We sat chatting and hanging until late that night.

Chris and I are so blessed to have parents that love us so much. I'm so thankful for my parents and the effort they make for us to have a goodrw when we come visit. I'm also very glad to have panama city as my home town. The beach and boat is such a fun way to spend family time!

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