Saturday, May 12, 2012


We arrived in Auburndale pretty late in the evening Saturday night and just hung out with Chris's parents.  Greyson was there so we played with him too.  Ms. Cindy and I looked through the 100's of wedding pictures that I had printed that were taken by friends and family... We're still anxiously awaiting the professional ones!
Sunday morning we got up bright and early and went to the church that Chris's brother and brother's wife, Eric and Ginny go to.  It was a cool Sunday because one of Eric's best friends who I have gotten to meet many times, Luke and his wife Naomi were speaking about their current calling to move to the Dominican Republic to serve.  It was really neat that a "normal" family that I had gotten to know feels called to serve over seas in a third world country.  They've sold everything in their home, are living with their parents and ready to move when it's time. It was such a challenge for me to continue to listen to the voice of Jesus and to make sure that serving and loving him is the cry of my heart, not trinkets and success here.  Thanks Luke and Naomi for listening to the Lord and being an example for us all!
Then after church we went to DISNEY!!!!!  Chris and I made it to ALL FOUR PARKS IN ONE AFTERNOON!

Magic Kingdom
Hollywood Studios

Chris, his parents and I went to Animal Kingdom before Ginny and Eric came with Greyson.  Mr. Dave and Ms. Cindy were awesome! They rode Mt. Everest with us!!
The 4 of us in front of Mt. Everest Ride!
In Laws on the Mt. Everest Ride!
 We also went on the Safari ride which was awesome! We saw Lions, Giraffes, Rhinos, a lot of animals!
Then we made our way to "Hollywood Studios" (or MGM as I still call it).  Chris and I ran off and rode Tower of Terror and the Rock n Rollercoaster on our own and that was so much fun! I literally felt like a kid! I love those rides :)   
Eric, Ginny and Greyson then met us and so we played with Greyson for awhile.  
Greyson with G-Pa and "Unnel Tis"
When we were done with Hollywood studios, we made our way to epcot and hung out there for the rest of the night.  We had dinner in Japan and it was YUM!
Unnel Tis and Greyson walking through the Parks

Monday morning I thought I'd get to sleep in, but Annabelle was up at 6:30 am.  So I went ahead and got up and Ms. Cindy and I sat on their back porch and talked for a good long while that morning while Annabelle and their dog Jake played in the back yard.  It was so nice getting to talk to her.  I really enjoyed our morning chats this week!  Getting to know the woman that raised my prince charming is such a cool thing...
Annabelle was in heaven in a huge fenced in back yard!
Chris and Eric went to play basketball later that morning and so Greyson and I got some good bonding time that morning.  We went to lunch with Greyson, Eric, Ms. Cindy, Chris and I.  It was so much fun! Greyson is such entertainment :)

That afternoon Ms. Cindy, Chris and I went shopping a little bit for some friends upcoming wedding presents.  We stopped at Starbucks and took advantage of 1/2 price frapps again!  We had such a good talking and literally hung out and chatted for an hour!
Chris and his Momma!

That night we just hung out at Chris's parents, then went over to Ginny and Eric's to hang out!
The next morning Chris and I went to the Social Security office and officially changed my name!!! Such fun!

That afternoon we went with his Parents to Lakeland to play around for the afternoon.  Then we picked Greyson up from daycare and took him to the park! He's the absolute cutest.  Then we came home and Chris's Aunt Mary and Uncle Chuck came over for dinner.  Greyson entertained us most of the night.

Greyson and Annabelle were pretty much best buds by the end of it

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