Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the Road Again

Our summer vacation time has begun! We are en route to visit both our families in the sunshine state. We're going to Auburndale first and since that was a 14 hour trip, we decided to leave Friday afternoon and stop in Roswell to spend the night with my Aunt Julie and Uncle George!

We stopped at the Y to pick up our mothers presents for mothers day. My good friend Julie helped me with the presents :) We got on the road about 2 and hoping to get to Aunt Julie's around 8. Well there was stand as till traffic for 1.5 hours! Ugh! We finally got to their house at 10 and they had dinner still warm for us. So we sat and ate and enjoyed each others company for a few hours then went to sleep.
Annabelle's position when we're driving

1/2 price frap break!
Annabelle sits right in between us on her pillow
This morning we woke up and my cousin Leah brought over her two sweet babies and we all had breakfast and then played outside!

Smith feeding Annabelle grass...
Aunt julie holding baby Carolyn
We had such a great time with them!

Now we're back on the road en route to Auburndale!

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