Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Date Night!

Last night Chris and I went on our first official date night as a married couple!  Before you start the judging, we've had finals and have been studying for 4 weeks straight.  Anyways, last night there was a glimmer of a break for Chris (I finished Thursday, remember?).  Chris's mom and dad sent us an Easter Card with money in it so we used the money for a date night! Thanks Mom K!
First I went to my first Pure Barre class in over a week since I'd been so sick.  I was bummed I missed that long but getting back in there yesterday felt so good.  And it was the perfect beginning for a perfect night. We went to dinner and took over 2 hours just talking and catching up.  
I don't know why, but when we are date nights, good, rich conversations come up.  One reason is that there have been a few spiritual questions I've been mulling over in my head and was excited to have a chance to bring them up with Chris.  He is such a man of wisdom and insight.  I value what he says so much. It's also fun because we're working through predestination and what it means and the two of us somewhat differ in our views.  One of the questions I had for him was "Why do we want to share the gospel?" and one of Chris's answers was "So people can have conversations as rich and deep as this one now" and it's so true.  One thing I love about both of us being followers of Christ is that often we have rich deep conversations about Christ or about walking with him.  It's not only good for knowing the Lord more, but it's good for deepening our level of intimacy.  
Needless to say we had such a fun time at dinner and I fell more madly in love with my wonderful husband.  Then we went to see the 5 Year Engagement! Ah I loved it! I love being forced to chill and sit still in a dark movie theater for 2.5 hours.  No phones, no computers, no studying... perfection! 

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