Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sojourn Filled Weekend

Exams were last week and I was SO SO SO happy they were through... The last 3 weeks have been rough.  Lots of tests, lots of studying and lots of lab time.  ICK.

Needless to say, I was SO happy when the weekend was here!  

Friday night I went on a woman's retreat with our church, Sojourn.  

It was at a gorgeous camp!

It was such a neat retreat.  It was my first "women's" sleep away retreat and what a blessing it was.  It really spoke truths into my life about what some of the callings the Lord puts on my life as a woman.  It was so neat that I got to go on this retreat a month after being married.  Before the retreat I had not given much thought to what I thought my roles and responsibilities were in Chris and I's life, and when gender roles came up, I got an icky taste in my mouth thinking that there were things I was just supposed to do.  But this weekend, the first talk was on Ezer, or the greek (?) word for helper that is used to describe what women are to be to their husband.  I learned that the other numerous times this word is mentioned in the bible is in reference to God for who he is for Israel in many times, their need in battle.  How cool is it that our role is the same role God is playing throughout the bible?!  I left that talk feeling most excited for my role in keeping our home happy, welcoming and peaceful.  I really had never thought of that as part of my role, but in any situation I LOVE knowing exactly what I need to do and my marriage is no different! I long to be a Godly wife and for Chris and I to lead a gospel centered home so hearing this weekend some specific things I am responsible for that honors Christ was awesome.
Jenna and I that night heading out to the campfire!

We got back late Saturday and Chris and I just hung out that night.  Sunday we went to church, and then I helped Jenna set up for the baby shower we threw for our community group member, Jamie, this afternoon!  Jamie is having a baby boy and is due some time in June!  We had such a fun time eating, playing baby games, opening up presents and making onsies!   It was an honor to be a part of such a special time in her life!

I wish I had more pictures, but I was using Jamie's camera to take pictures  for her...

Present Corner 
Taylor made the most darling cupcakes

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