Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's 24 hour visit

Last weekend my mom came up here for 24 hours! She was kind enough to drive up my car and Annabelle, both of which had been down there since the wedding.  She also drove up some of our wedding presents!  

Even though she was here for such a short time, it was so wonderful having her here.  

The night she got here we spent a few hours drinking wine, looking through the wedding pictures I had printed out, and just catching up.  

Then we went to a YUMMY Mediterranean food Restaurant called The Grape Leaf.  Having enjoyed true Lebanese food when I was in Lebanon for a month, it was a special treat! It's so hard to find authentic Mediterranean food.  I knew mom would appreciate it too!
I LOVE Mediterranean food! Hummus and Grape leaves!
Love my momma!
Then we walked to Pie Kitchen for some yummy dessert
How do you decide?!?!
We stayed there until they chased us away so they could close...  Mom kept us entertained with the funniest stories!

Then we went home and went straight to sleep.  

The next morning we woke up and mom taught me to make home made cinnamon rolls using the bread machine! Here's the step-by-step instructions from her blog!
The finished product! YUM!
While we were waiting for them to make, Chris went and go bagels and we ate bagels while mom read us the new story she's writing.  It was really fun! The book sounds like it'll be awesome! Chris was really interested in it!

My Beautiful momma!

Anna had to kiss grandma goodbye
Although I was bummed mom had to leave, I was glad she left my baby girl, Annabelle!  

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