Saturday, April 21, 2012


We've been up to a LOT of studying around here... I mean normal life functions like grocery shopping, laundry, etc have dissappeared. In fact Thursday night at our community group, we start by giving "highs & lows" of the week and both of our lows were "we have no food".  

So even though Friday we NEEDED to study, we stopped the studying for the sake of the rest of our lives.  

First we went "house hunting".  Chris is awesome in that even with tests ahead he's looking into rental properties and making appts to see the places.  So Friday we looked at 2 apts and drove by a house 
Prospective house #324823772389
We had fun driving around though and treated ourselves to Starbucks sweet coffee drinks.... Annabelle loved it!

Annabelle helping me with my drink
After we finished the house hunting, we went GROCERY SHOPPING!  It was awesome... We have at least 9 meals we can make! WHA WHOO!  WHen we got home I completely cleaned out the refrigerator leaving literally nothing besides the new groceries in it. It was sad.  

Then we made chicken salad for sandwiches/salads and we made home made bread and pizza!  We are set up for success for the rest of exam week. 

When I was done studying, I also washed some sheets/towels and cleaned our room which desperately needed it!  Let's just say I feel SO much better about life now :)

Our clean room!

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