Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jenny's a Dental Student for the Day

So this afternoon we went to school to study- I was heading to the library and Chris was heading to the lab at the dental school to practice his lab stuff. We figured out that I'd never really been into the dental school even though it's right across the street from my building... So he took me on an official tour. Our last stop was the lab which is where he spends many hours a week. Before today I really didn't know what he did in there but today, he not only showed me, but I played with his stuff for awhile!!  He showed me what a random "prep" looked like (a "prep" is how they begin taking care of a cavity filled tooth I think... like how they drill is out).  I used the drill and made one myself! Then I got adventurous and asked him to show me how to use the composite (sp?) to fill it back! 

I was so proud of my tooth!
The catch is that you have to recarve all the little grooves that our teeth naturally have... NOT as easy as I thought.  Another catch is the tooth stays in a mouth that stays in a head so you don't have a lot of space to work with, nor can you get a good look at it.
  I worked hard, but my finished product wasn't too good!  I got to use all of these tools:

So many of them!
Even though I could have stayed there a few more hours and played with the teeth, I went to the library til it closed, but it closed before Chris was done so I came back into the lab and studied there:

One of the stations in the lab
Chris working his magic!
I didn't even attempt the mirror stuff

It was really fun to see what Chris does all the time and what he's learning to do! I'm so proud of him :)

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