Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Festivities Continue

These past few weeks have been FILLED with fun wedding events!

First off, 2 weekends ago we flew down to to Orlando to Chris's hometown for the weekend (Annabelle stayed with her Auntie Jenna and Uncle Jared).
We got in late Friday night and went on an 11 p.m Chillis run with Chris's parents! Who knows parents that can be up eating out til midnight?!  Well the Kersey's can!
The next morning we woke up and went to a pre wedding brunch at the Grooms grandmothers house.  Then we went to the wedding and met Chris's brother, sister in law and nephew!  
Chris is Obsessed!

Oh my goodness Chris is in love with him! The wedding was a gorgeous Catholic wedding.  Afterward we went to the reception where we all even did a little bit of dancing :)

Chris and his Fam!

Chris and I leaving
After the wedding we left to meet my mom and step dad that had drive down from Panama City to come to our shower the next day.

We met the at Olive Garden and had some yummy dessert since we missed the cake cutting :(

Our Families and I together! 
Love him!!
That night I went with my mom and Hal to their hotel room.  We had so much fun the next morning... Hal is a funny funny man and my mom and him are hilarious together.

On the way to Auburndale, we stopped by a strawberry stand!
Hal examining the produce

On the way we stopped by target at I discovered BIRTHDAY CAKE OREOS!!!!!! OH EM GEE The y are SO yummy!!!!

The yummiest things ever :)

Once we got to Auburndale and Chris's house we opened some wedding presents that my mom had brought up from home.
Yay pots and pans!

Then we headed to the shower! We had such a fun time.  So many of the families that Chris had grown up with were there and a few of my friends and bridesmaids were there too!

Us in front of the sweet banner they surprised us with! 
The sweets table! Most important part :)

Carl, My Big and I

Mom Hal and I!
A close up of the gorgeous yummy cookies!

It was such a fun weekend and we were "Showered" with Love!!

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