Friday, December 9, 2011

You can always find your way back home

I know this is way behind, but it was too sweet of a time for me not to post about

I'm going to recap my perfect weekend at FSU a few weeks back:

For thanksgiving, I flew into PC at around 8 pm Friday night.  My lovely MOH, Carla, drove to Destin to pick me up.  God be praised for her! This weekend happened to be Florida States homecoming! So obviously I had to go!  Service Scholars had an Alumni Brunch from 9-11.  SO Annabelle and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to Tallahassee (Annabelle's Auntie K who is living in tally invited Annabelle to join :) ).  

Pulling up to campus, I knew I was home, but walking into the "Center" (Center for Leadership and Civic Education) was a breath of fresh air!  Since there was construction by the entrance I was used to taking, I called my darling buddy, Millie who showed be how to get in.  It was like we hadn't skipped a beat! 

Seeing my buddy and all of my other scholar lovies was amazing! We all got to hear what life changing things everyone is involved in.  Seriously AMAZING what my fellow scholars are doing with their lives.  

To name a few, Marie just got back from London where she received her Masters, Jamie is working on his Masters at FSU while trying to start a non profit that would help groups get to his home country, el Salvador for Mission trips, Millie has been working this semseter for Americorps, an "at home" version of Peace Corps.  Each and everyone of these girls are changing the world! It was so inspiring to get updated on everything.

From the Center, I walked down Jefferson Road to the Gamma Phi Beta house.  

I wanted to cry when I walked in!  Ah!  Funny enough, all the girls who lived in the house were sitting downstairs in the kitchen (for some meeting) and so when I walked in, I literally was given 30+ hugs! Girls I didn't even know came up and gave me a hug saying "I feel like I know you!" (My little was their new member leader so that's how the "knew" me).  Never have I felt so loved! AH! Love those girls!   Then I went upstairs with my little and sat in her room for a few hours talking with different girls as they went in and out.  I miss living in the house!! Spending time with my little was, as expected, perfect.  She is truly my heart sister and and my heart feels at rest when she is around. I feel like all guards are down and true, raw love is present!  God is so good for blessing us with each other.

From there, Auntie K met up with me and we set off to find her family's tailgate!

I hugged my little goodbye, and we headed to get our tailgate on!

K surely got hers on!

Then, my bestie Katie came to join us! My life was then complete!!

We tailgated some, then headed to the game! We had my dads tixs, so they were good seats.  We weren't too serious about watching the game... But we had fun!

The next morning, we got up and K, My little and I went to church and the the traditional post church Panera Lunch :)  

That afternoon Katie and I had some much needed playtime/bonding.  It included a Lily store and froyo!

What more could we ask for?!

Then we went to our church home, FOTH for their service.  Wow, God is present there.  It reminded me what a blessing this church family was to me in my college time.  I really do not know what I would've done without it.

I love my FOTH family

So between Service Scholars, Gamma Phi, FOTH, and Kirsten being in tally, it was the best weekend a girl could ask for!  FILLED with Love and hugs :))

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