Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just a rainy Sunday

It's a rainy day here in Louisville... Which happens to be perfect for us since today needed to be a serious studying day.
We has an awesome morning! I'm loving Sojourn so much. Serving Sunday mornings has been more of a blessing to me then a service to the church. Chris and I also were asked to serve communion. Such an honor. Pastor Daniel preached on Noah and the Ark story but he highlighted the parts I've never acknowledged: that humanity had turned so ugly and evil that he had to wipe them out. And that the only way Noah and his family was spared was not because of their goodness, but because of Gods grace. It challenged me to think about howe deeply my sin pains God. That Gods tears and Anger and Wrath are real. And with the clear knowledge of these characteristics of God how amazing it is that he cares for us. Lots of food for thought.
After church we went to Panera for a bagel breakfast. There we finished our premarital counseling questionnaires. We each had a few questions left. Then we shared our responses and talked over them. We were surprised at how few differences there were! I am so excited to begin our counseling!! Pray that God uses that time to grow us closer to each other and more in love with Him!
When we came home, it started to rain!
I made homemade hot chocolate!
So we're studying and enjoying the dreariness and some yummy hot chocolate :)
Happy Sunday!

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