Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

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I'm loving being in Panama! I'm blessed to have one last wonderful week with dad and the boys before I begin my own family with Chris  :)

This is a picture I snapped right before this post!  It's getting dark and there's a storm.  But when the sun is shining its gorgeous!
I'm loving all the sunshine and outdoors I'm getting here in Panama too!

I'm loving dreaming of the details of the wedding! I'm at the point now where I am planning fun extras :) My bridesmaid Meredith has beautiful painting and writing skills, and my dad is really good at cutting and making things with wood so between the 2 of them, I have a few projects in mind!
Love this!  Would be so cute by the bar!
LOVE the signs pointing in all different directions!  I want ours to have Louisville (where we live now), Auburndale (Where Chris is from) , Doak Stadium (Shout out to our alma mater!),  and St. Lucia (our honeymoon destination), beach (because I love it there) and Lynn Haven (where I'm from)
I love this! It's a few pictures from of the bride and groom growing up!  I'd like to add a "C & J" one or pics of us together. 
Want to make signs like this to put up where guest leave!

I'm loving that in a week and a half I'll see my other half again!

And in 5 days I'll see my lil darling Annabelle

And that's what I'm loving!  

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