Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Panama- Day 1!

Today we woke up in Panama City, Panama!
We began the day with our guide, Monir showing us around Panama City.  We first went to his condo which is right on the Pacific Ocean and part of the huge Panama City Skyline.  We went to the 52nd floor and from there we could see the skyline, Pacific Ocean and the mountainous rainforest area!
Robbie squeezing my guts out... With the view of the Pacific Ocean in the background.

The 4 of us with the mountains in the background!

Another View from the condo
Then we went to the "Old Panama".  It was really old, but pretty too! There were street vendors selling jewelry and art pieces.  I got a bracelet, dad a watercolor painting and Ross a pipe :)
Dad and bean with the Pacific Ocean in the background.  It was LOW tide so it was very rocky!

From there we went to the Panama Canal! It was really neat! We got to learn some of it's history and how the canal works.  We ate lunch at a restaurant overlooking the canal so we could watch ships be sent through!

Robbie and I waiting on tickets!

Then, we went to a little airport and flew to another Panama Town called David.  The airport was a joke! There weren't seperate gates for the different flights, and there wasn't a loud speaker that they announced which flights were boarding! Word of mouth told us when to board!
Ross and I waiting at the tiny HOT airport!

From there we drove 30 minutes to a beach town, Los Olas where our condo is! It was dark when we got here so I'll give a better report on it tomorrow :)

The boys are surfing all day and I am claiming a "pool day".  I'm ready for some chill alone time.  Love my broskies but they are at the "really cool" age, love cursing to be funny and love telling Jenny she's dumb.  So tomorrow with them in the ocean all day and me by a pool sounds perfect to me :)

Until tomorrow!

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