Thursday, December 29, 2011

Panama Day 3!

I had THE coolest day today!! 
It started at 5:18 this morning when dad woke me up to start getting up and ready.  Then we drove about an hour to BocaChica to meet Carlos, our dive master! He owns and operates Boca Brava Divers and I can NOT recommend him enough.  The experience could NOT have been anymore amazing!
This green parrot and gorgeous flower tree were just hanging in his back yard!
OMGee it was paradise!  
We got on his boat that was in his backyard (absolute BEST backyard ever!), and drove it about an hour to our first dive site.  The boat ride was AMAZING! We passed by several small vegetation filled islands.
The view when we first left Carlos's House!

When we got to our first stop, I had to admit, I was nervous! I've only ever dove at a spring and only went about 25 feet deep!  But, I plunged into the water, took some practice breaths and started my decent down.  I have to stop real quick and tell you how awesome our diving conditions were.  There were 6 of us on the boat, 4 of which were diving.  Of the 4 diving, it was me, dad, the dive master Carlos, and a dive instructor, Richard.  Richard also happened to be an underwater photographer and had brough his camera along for some picture taking!  I think he got some good pics of me and dad! How cool is that?!  So dad and I each had our own guide.  I stayed right next to Carlos the whole time. He was awesome! So patient, helpful, calming and in control.  

When we got down there it was GORGEOUS! I literally was swimming around where they make our bio 2 animal diversity lab videos!  Coral, huge fish, schools of colorful fish, eels, lobster. HUGE Conchs, ah so much! And so much color!  I mean I could sit in one spot close to the coral and find new things for a long time.  We stayed down for about an hour!

Then we rode to an island that had a small beach on it and got off there to have lunch.  Oh my gosh. Literally it was my paradise! It looked like where they had filmed Lost!  
Me on our boat right before we landed on the paradise Island!
Dad and I before we landed
So we hung out there for 2-3 hours.  We had a yummy lunch that Carlos provided and then we all just wondered on our own around the beach and explored the island.  
Hermit Crabs attacking the pineapple I dropped!

BEST Pineapple I've EVER had!
I climbed over some rocks and found another tiny beach with tons of shells, rocks and coral!  Definitely brought some home.  

The rocks I climbed over to find my own private beach 

The island was literally heaven.  No one else around for miles, rich vegetation behind the beach area, a gorgeous view of the pacific with more islands in it... It was divine!
View from the boat!
View from "My Private Island"
Dad and bean!

I was sad to leave!  But we left and went to an underwater mountain that peaked like a rock.  We dove here for about 30 min and saw bigger fish and things.  

THis is the tip of the underwater mountain we dove around
Me completing the last dive!
Then we came up and made the boat ride home.  We thanked Carlos immensely and then we began the drive home.  P.S dad rented a car and is doing this driving I'm speaking of :)  Ah jeeze!  But we made it home in one piece.  In fact, we  even stopped at a fruit stand and got some of the yummiest fruit you've ever tasted!
Another beautiful pic
THIS is the definition of a TRUE seminole.  Dad has found the website with a live stream of the game, has found the best internet spot in the house and is camped out with his Pineapple! I love it!
Another shot of paradise!

View on the ride home!

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