Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding Plans Change Sometimes

So first wedding mishap has happened. Unfortunately, the venue we were using switched caterers and could no longer honor the food quote they had given us. Graciously, they gave us the option to let us back out of our contract. I really think Christina, our amazing planner, had a lot to do with this :)
Anyhow, we didn't back out without seeing our plan B! It just so happens that Christina just started planning weddings for Gulf Place, which is a beach community on the way west end of the gorgeous 30A. It has many condos, townhomes, rrestaurants, shops, and even a place to rent bikes and kayaks! It was absolutely amazing! It actually was way more in line with what I had originally wanted. The wedding and reception will take place on a gorgeous middle green that is steps from the rooms we ll more than likely be staying in as well as steps away from the beach! The positives are that since its a huge field, we wont have to worry about being crowded. The other venue was gorgeous but it was really separate areas and non were really giving enough for everyone... Also, it will be right downstairs from where most people are staying so when the night is over, no dd-ing will happen hopefully! Also there's a wine and beer bar steps away from the wedding site so the party never has to die! Lastly, it being across the street from the beach, we will be able to take pictures of Chris and I and of our wedding parties on the beach!!! It's my dream come true!!!
It will take more "set design" on the florists side... I have no doubt mine can step up to the challenge!
This does mean we're starting from square 1 almost though. We'll begin tomorrow morning with a call with the caterer. Then the week I get back from panama, I'll meet with Grove, our florist/designer.
So an icky situation turned out to honestly be better than I had originally planned. God is good and having amazing planners is well worth the investment.
Here are a few pics of the venue :)
This is the actual green we'll be married on!

In front of the green, on 30A
Front of the green!
The cute shops surrounding it!

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