Monday, December 19, 2011

Our First Shower

This weekend we were given our first shower! And it wasn't just any ole shower (not that any of them ever will be!), but this shower was a joint shower with my BFF and bridesmaid Meg (she's getting married in June!) AND it was an "Our First Christmas " themed shower! So all of our gifts were Christmas decorations! It was given by our mutual BFF, bestie, and her mom. They went so far above and beyond it was insane! The food was delicious, the drinks wonderful, the presents amazing and the company was absolutely joyful! 
We had so many friends and women there encouraging us in this time. We are so so thankful to everyone that came. I'm counting down the days until next Christmas, or our 1st Christmas so that I can put up all of our lovely decorations. We got ornaments (including a gorgeous hand painted nativity scene one), big signs to hang up with "The Kersey's" or a "K" with Christmas scenes, candle holders, stockings, and even a set of Christmas dishes!
We could not have asked for anything more from the day! Pure bliss! Thanks bestie and momma bestie for a gorgeous delightful day!
This was the first present we opened!  One of my favorites :)
My lovely MOH
My Wedding-Time-Twin
One of the sweetest presents we opened.  A friend from highschool MADE this!
A present from our amazing youth pastor and family!  They collect a Christmas  book a year and started the tradition for us.  They had a meaningful woman do the same for them when they got married :)
Gorgeous Cross that my Carla made for me!  Absolutely stunning!
Bring on Christmas 2012! We are ready!

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