Friday, December 23, 2011

Pre-Christmas Fun Times

Today was what the holidays are all about to me:
Relaxing, good quality time with the ones you love, Christmas movies, baking, and wrapping presents! Laughter, peace and joy.
Today brought most of these. (Last night I got really sick so I moved slowly at the beginning of today) but we started with my mom and I doing last minute shopping. She had one more thing to get my little brother, so I told her to get him a tennis racket! First we dropped Annabelle off to be groomed. Then we picked him and my sister Morgan up and went to the beach house. There Morgan and I made cake balls and peppermint chocolate cookies while Robbie surfed and mom wrapped presents! We had The Holiday playing in the background too:)
It was lovely! And our cookies ended up yum! Annabelle looked so cute when we picked her up :))
Now I'm off to take Robbie shopping for someone special ;) Love this time of year!

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