Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Well, it's 1:30 am and sticking to tradition, Ross and I are still awake finishing presents! 

We started today with the annual Bartels Kids Last Minute Present Run.... That took a better part of today. But I had a great time! It's one of the only times that my broskies and I spend a lot of good time with each other. We successfully finished all shopping marking everyone off of our list
Behind dads house before we took off!
After all of our shopping, we went to Christmas Eve Services.  One with dad and one with mom ;)  Thank goodness our pastor did a message worth hearing twice! He talked about how God's timing was perfect when it came to the birth of Jesus and how that same perfection of timing works with us; that God's timing is perfect.  So refreshing!

After Church some close family friends came over.  Their family and ours have so much fun together! Our Aunt Janet and Uncle Judy joined us too!  
We had lots of yummy food and good wine.  Then, we played some fun, loud games.  I seriously LOVE games.  They just make hanging out so much fun!!

Annabelle giving Maki kisses during game time
Everyone sitting around playing games

After everyone left, Ross and I cam upstairs to finish (or start.... in Ross's case) our Christmas wrapping!  
Annabelle Definitely helped us :)
Annabelle finally won Uncle Ross over :)

In the middle of this, I also checked the mail (which NO ONE does in our family) and found SO many lovely cards and gifts in the mail!
One from my love Margaret who is in Honduras for the Peace Corps
Another from my Crescent Sorority sister, Megan
Another sister, Amanda sent me an AMAZINGLY adorable mug AND home made dog bones WHICH I've wrapped to give Annabelle in the morning.
My exchange student from England, Sarah, sent me a Christmas card with a picture of her and her beautiful baby!
My Big Sister in the sorority sent me an amazing package with yummy cookies and toffee fudge stuff!
Katie, my love, sent me her first ever MARRIED lady Christmas card.   It had a picture of her and her hubby Sean on it and was absolutely perfect :)
And there were a few more....
Getting these Christmas cards and gifts made me feel so loved!

I can't wait for next year when I send out my own Christmas cards and when they're sent to Chris and I :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Praise the Lord for His perfect timing and for His perfect gift.  He has overcome the grave for us! We are chosen and loved! Thanks be to God :)

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