Saturday, December 31, 2011

Panama Day 4

Yesterday was one of the most relaxing, best days I've had.  
I slept in late, then walked over to the restaurant for breakfast.  I drank my coffee, read my book and took in the peacefulness and beauty around me.

My view
Yummy Breakfast
Then my brother Robbie joined me and we sat there for another long time while he ordered and ate his breakfast

Love this boy!
THen we played a family game of monopoly.  

3 hours later I was first to loose.... (Don't bring it up) and so I began my afternoon of sitting by the pool reading:)

Rossy and I
Before their last surf trip of the day

It was heavenly!

THen when the sun had set, we went to a new local restaurant

The outside....
My meal

Needless to say we were still hungry when we left, so we went to the original restaurant for dessert :)

It was a truly lovely and peaceful day!

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