Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

Chris proposed to me :)
Right after he proposed :)

The blanket he spread out to ask the question :)  I called being engaged "Step 1" and marriage "Step 2" so we never had to say scary words when we discussed the future ;)

Seriously an amazing night!!
He had all of our families waiting on us at a restaurant when he had finished proposing!!
I became a mom to the most incredible pup ever
Annabelle when she was a baby puppy!

"Mom! Taking my picture again?!"

She's my girl!

Annabelle brought us so much joy in our move to Louisville!

Stood beside a best friend of mine as her MOH as she married the love of her life!

I got into graduate school and started studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Louisville

We moved to Louisville

I fell even MORE deeply in Love with Chris

I had Katie, Kirsten, Mom, Robbie and Dad visit me in Louisville
K and I in front of a Louisville Bridge downtown

Mom, Robbie and I at Ramsi's Cafe!

Katie and I at Louisville SLugger Museum

Dad and I at dinner with the Louisville skyline in the background

I ran my second half marathon and beat my pr by 16 minutes!

I picked out my wedding dress :)

Visited Panama

Made bunches of new friends in Louisville

And thanks to Krista from One Beautiful Life, here are some questions I used to help me think back on 2011 with a broad perspective:

1.What is one truth you learned? 
God is bigger, better and more mighty than I could imagine

2.What is something that you did that you are particularly proud of?
I am proud of the rich, joyful life I've started in KY.  I'm proud of my graduate program, the church we've become a part of, our small group, the group of friends I've made, training Annabelle, learning to cook, and training for a half marathon, all on my own (well, all with Chris ;) )

3. What was the hardest thing that you had to do?
I had to set myself free to be truly loved by Christ.  This allowed me to let myself be truly loved and sometimes taken care of by Chris. 

4. What is something that you changed to improve the way you live?
I think I allowed myself to slow down.  Before, I was afraid to because I was afraid to have time to deal with hard things I was going through.  Speeding through life, filling it in with activities is one way to live, but being able to sit and soak in certain moments, good and bad, has been very good for my soul :)

5. What was your favourite Arts and Culture discovery (this could be a book, movie, song, etc.)
Definitely the Actors Theater in Louisville! What a GEM it is!  I also fell in love with Lady Gaga ;o)

6. What was something new you tried?

7. What experience did you appreciate the most?
The couples small group Chris and I joined  God blessed us with and brought us to and the friends we've met through it.

8. What did God surprise you with?
This is corny, but God surprised me with Chris being even better than I'd ever imagined. And he continues to out do him self in loving me and in the ways he wholly seeks the Lord.

9. What was something that inspired you?
I think going to school at the UofL Health Sciences Campus has inspired me to make a difference.  To use the blessing of my brain and the education that I'm receiving to do something good in the science/health field! Everyday that I walk to class I walk past 3 research buildings, 2 hospitals, a dental school, and a med school. Lives are being saved as I'm walking and I want to be a part of that!

10. If there was one word to describe 2011, what would it be? 
Exciting :)


  1. Love your blog too!! Looks like 2011 was a great year, hope 2012 is just as good to you!

  2. I love this post! I am so thankful for all the ways the Lord has blessed you in 2011 and I am confident that 2012 will be just as wonderful! We stole these questions and answered them on our blog, so thanks! Remind me when you'll be back in Louisville, looking forward to seeing you soon!