Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

SO, I had the BEST weekend in tally, BUT all the pics are on my actual camera so I'm going to blog on it when I get my cord back.  Service Scholars, Gamma Phi,Church, best friend time.... It was a perfect weekend.  So stay tuned fora recap!

In the meantime, I literally had the most FUN, kid like day yesterday!  Robbie (my lil bro) and I were home and carless (since I flew into town instead of driving), both parents at work, so we had to get creative to entertain ourselves!

So, we decided to play tennis, but to get there, we had  to ride our bikes! LOL!  So we round up 2 bicycles, found an air pump, and were on our way!

I am literally obsessed with Robbie.  He is my CLONE and we have either a WONDERFUL time together or one of ends up hugely upset.  We are SO competitive its like a joke.

While most siblings could play a friendly game or two, we looked up the rules and decided to play the conventional best 2 out of 3 sets with a set being first to 6 games....  Needless to say we played over 30 games over half of which went into multiple rounds of deuce 

First set Robbie won 6-2.  Second set I won 6-3 and last set....... (kill me) Robbie won 6-4.  I threw a literal temper tantrum..... Oops!

We seriously had so much fun and played SO hard.  Mom came towards the end and got to witness my humiliating loss... She snapped our pics for us.

I am VERY VERY sore today but want Robbie to wake up so we can have a rematch.....

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