Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can't Wait!

I seriously can NOT wait until March 17th and beyond!

I'm SO excited for the wedding weekend, all the fun festivities leading up to it, and of course THE day!  I keep visualizing myself walking down the aisle to meet Chris.... EEK I just get so excited!! All our loved ones will be there standing up there with us and in the audience.  My 2 favorite pastors will marry us.  The beach will be minutes away and the bay steps away.  The venue will be heavenly and decorated like I dream of it.  My 12 best friends will be waiting up there for me too; during the ceremony they will be pledging to play a part in this marriage: To always encourage me to be the wife that points Chris to Christ.  And they'll look gorgeous in their LulaKate dresses :)

But more than the excitement for all the wedding festivities, I am beyond excited to become MARRIED to my best friend, soul mate, and Partner in Christ, Chris!  I am excited to share my entire life with him.  I'm excited to serve Jesus by his side.  He is such a blessing and I'm not sure I could ask for a more Jesus-Seeking Man! 

As I begin a season of more heavy wedding planning, I pray I focus even more energy on becoming the daughter of Jesus I'm meant to be and in that, I will becoming a better wife-to-be!

Prayers during this time would mean so much! Pray that Chris and I continue to seek Christ and our identity in Him first.  Then that we would learn to love each other deeply and wholly!

Thank you all so much!

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